Maximise your holiday home’s profits and run it as the business you want it to be.

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If you want to earn more from your holiday rental, but feel overwhelmed by what you need to do and how; you’ve come to the right place.

I’m Karen Spencer, founder of The Business of Holiday Rental and I can help you, whether you’re a new holiday home owner or have been going a number of years and something’s just not working.   Maybe you run other rental properties and now realise that the holiday rental market is a different kettle of fish altogether!

Is getting bookings and making a good profit not as easy as you first thought?

It might mean a shift in focus, learning a bit of new tech, but with a can-do attitude and my help, you can do it! 

Karen from The Business of Holiday Rental

How can I help you?


An Action Hour is you and me working together 1 to 1.

Get my eyes, my expertise and my advice on your holiday rental business. It’s bespoke and certainly not off the shelf!

Can you afford to stay stuck?  At £149 these strategy calls are affordable.

Invest in your business now. All you need is one extra booking and you’ll get your money back!

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If you’re not ready to work with me 1 to 1 via an Action Hour, these study at home classes and online courses will still move you and your holiday rental business forward.

All are jargon-free and take you step-by-step through what you need to know and action.

They’re ready and waiting for you to dive in to.

Which one’s right for you?

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I’ll review either your website to ensure it’s the selling machine it needs to be, or I’ll review how your holiday rental is currently styled and presented.

No more “where am I going wrong”. I’ll tell you! (in a nice way) I’ll look objectively at what’s working and what you need to change.

You’ll be surprised how small tweaks can make all the difference, but you’re too close to your business to be able to see them for yourself.

Let me do it for you!

run your holiday home as a business


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Well I’m a holiday home owner too and I run my own successful holiday home business in North Yorkshire.

I get your struggles.  I’ve had to work through them myself!  But I’ve come out the other side and I know how bloomin’ good it feels to be in control of my own profitable business. I want to help get you there too.

I’m also a friendly, non-judgemental, caring and sharing, love to help others person.

My ethos is to make every booking count. No point wasting time chasing low value bookings – where’s the profit in that?  I’m running a business after all!

To do that you need to bring a quality product to the market, one that’s worthy of higher prices.  This is where some owners freeze because they think it will cost too much – it doesn’t have to.

I’m a qualified Home Stager so I know a thing or two about how best to present a holiday home on a budget; with a few tweaks here and there and some savvy spending. It worked for me and I can help you achieve the same.

Then market your quality holiday home to the right people in the right way.  Get seen online by those who are looking for exactly what your holiday home is offering. As an independent owner you can do this, you just need the confidence to believe in yourself and to put into practice the marketing techniques that I know work.  With a bit of easy-once- you-know-how techy stuff thrown in too.

There are 4 areas that underpin a profitable holiday home business: Mindset, Money, Makeover and Marketing. Work with me and you’ll suss them all!

I can help you if you’re ready to STAND UP and get your holiday rental business STANDING OUT.

Click on my <<Work With Me>> page and let’s get you running the holiday rental business you first dreamed of and get you earning more!

Karen from The Business of Holiday Rental