Here’s a guest blog from Aaron, co-founder of Airbnb Host Shop (an online store selling an array of bedding and linen). Giving his top 10 tips to ensure your guests get a good night’s sleep.

When you get down to it, being a great rental host is all about providing your guests with a comfortable place to sleep. Statistically, over a third of the time guests are staying in your rental they will be sleeping.

Here are our top ten tips to ensure your guests sleep like a hibernating bear and then wake up all bright-eyed and bushy tailed, ready to leave you a five star review!

#1 – White Sheets

Nothing is more important for a good night’s sleep then piece of mind and white sheets are essential to putting your guests at ease. A sparkling set of white sheets will make your bed look clean and fresh offering an inviting place for guests to rest.  Dark, colored sheets, on the other hand, might match your decor but they hide hairs and stains and guests know this!  Even if your colored sheets are brand new, they will still put a tiny bit of doubt in your guest’s mind about their cleanliness.  So, remove all doubt and go with white sheets.
(Note from Karen – I’d say that plain cream/ivory sheets work just as well as white!)

#2 – Memory Foam Mattress

Every year, more people are getting rid of their old spring coil mattresses and upgrading to memory foam mattresses. Why? Because memory foam offers premium support and a better night’s sleep. When guests are traveling, they want the same level of comfort they have at home. Plus, memory foam is associated with luxury and comfort so having a memory foam mattress gives you one more positive attribute to highlight in your marketing.

#3 – Extra Pillows

Make sure to stock your holiday rental with at least two fluffy pillows per guest. While it’s easy for guests to toss aside any unwanted pillows, they will certainly complain if they don’t have enough of them. It can be quite frustrating for a guest to root around a new place looking for extra pillows only to find there aren’t any. Get the extra pillows and save yourself from the 1am message request for more pillows.

#4 – Window Blinds

For many guests, a holiday is the only time to finally get caught up on much-needed sleep. While some of you reading this may love to rise with the sun and sing with the blue birds, most guests want the option to block out the sunlight and sleep in. Or, they may even want to indulge in an indulgent afternoon nap. Make sure all your bedroom windows have shades so your guests can hibernate like bears in complete darkness and sleep soundly.

#5 – What’s That Smell?

Did you know that Las Vegas casinos pump scented air fresheners into their air conditioning ducts? That’s because smells matter! Our sense of smell is our strongest sense and you want your guests to have a positive smelling experience in your rental. What might be a mild and forgettable off-smell during the day can turn into an infuriating, insomnia-inducing stench at night when your guests are trying to sleep. So, close your eyes, inhale through the nose and really make sure your rental smells fresh and clean.

#6 – Lightweight and Heavyweight Blankets

Every guest is a Goldilocks and you are never going to be able to predict which bedding is just right for them. Some like it cold, some like it hot, and some just like options. The best way to make all of your guests happy is to offer a few, easy to find blankets in different weights. This will help you cater to all types of sleeping preferences and prevent guests from changing the thermostat and jacking up your utility bill.

#7 – Bedside Lamp

Harsh, overhead lighting can keep guests stimulated and awake. Not ideal when you’re trying to create a cozy bedroom environment. Give your guests a softer lighting option with a simple bedside lamp.  Also, most guests love to read on vacation and a bedside lamp lets them snuggle up in bed and enjoy their book until their ready to go to sleep.

#8 – Charging Station

The reality is that the cellphone or mobile phone is the last thing your guests will look at before bed. And the first thing they will look at when they wake up. If your guests have to scour their room to find a place to charge it they will get annoyed.   No-one wants even the smallest spike in stress levels right before bedtime. Help  your guests by providing an easy to find outlet or charging station near the bed. Your guests will sleep soundly knowing where their phone is and that it will be fully charged in the morning.

#9 – Bedroom Door Lock

This tip is mainly for those hosts that list an owner-occupied or shared rental space. Make sure the guest’s bedroom door has a lock on it. This is once again all about piece of mind. Guests are going to feel safer and sleep better.  Just make sure you have a spare key to unlock the door for those times when your guests inevitably lock themselves out of their bedroom!

#10 – Books

This is the next level up, super host tip that will lock in a five star review. Find a space in your rental to set up a Take a Book, Leave a Book Library. If a guest needs something to read, they can take a book from the library. Or, if a guest finishes a book, they can leave it in the library for another guest to enjoy. All you need to get started is 10-20 books and a small sign. The entire setup should cost very little, especially if you get used books from your local charity shop.  Reading is one of the best ways to unwind before bed.

Follow these tips and your guests will enjoy a peaceful sleep . They’ll wake up refreshed with the intent to book your holiday rental again and again!

Aaron is an Airbnb Super Host and one of the co-founders of Airbnb Host Shop.  Check out the online shop at Airbnb Host Shop  Their product range ensures guests are taken care of while they slumber and get those premium zzzz’s.

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