The subject of a recent Facebook Live.  Catch my 8 (yes 8, not 7) quick tips to holiday rental success here, or read the summary below:

Quick Tip 1 – What does success mean to you?

How can you achieve holiday rental success if you don’t know what it looks like?  So you need to define what it means to you. Yes to earn more, but put a figure to “earn more” then a date as to when you will achieve that figure. Then set annual/monthly/weekly daily tasks to work toward your income goals.

Quick Tip 2 – Who will your customers be?

Who are your customers (aka your guests)? Without them there is no business success so you need to you identify them.

Then you focus your marketing time and effort on appealing to those people who are your identified target market or ideal guest.

What problems can a stay with you solve for them? What are they looking for in a holiday eg peace and quiet, plenty of mountain biking nearby.  And how does your holiday home solve this problem/meet their need? Be as niche as possible.

Quick Tip 3 – Have your own website

Your website is your chance to showcase your holiday home, your way, using your copy and your images. It’s the best tool at your disposal to sell weeks in your property.

All other marketing activity revolves around sending traffic to your website.  Talk to your already identified ideal guest; talk about the benefits not the features of your holiday home.

Quick Tip 4 – Add value

Go the extra step at every interaction with your guests.

Ensure you do all you can to help them get the most out of their stay with you.  This is how you add intangible value to their holiday experience. That way they come back for more, spread the word amongst their network and give you those 5 star reviews.

Caring about your guests’ holiday experience and not just seeing the pounds, but seeing the people is crucial to holiday rental success.

Quick Tip 5 – Price correctly

Success ultimately means money in the bank so ensure you’re making a decent profit from each booking.  Don’t undercharge. Charge what a holiday in your property is worth to your ideal guest.
Remember the added value – that needs to be factored into your pricing, as well as your time.

And don’t get into the habit of discounting too freely just to get a booking. This can be a slippery slope and one guests come to expect.

Quick Tip 6 – Keep in touch

Continue to build the relationship with your guest after their holiday has ended. If you haven’t yet started, capture their email addresses and send out regular e-newsletters. In these include blogs and valuable, interesting content that your guests will absorb and want to read.  This keeps you top of mind and when they’re ready to buy, they will.

Quick Tip 7 – Visibility

Are you showing up ? Are you stepping out from behind your business so guests can see you the owner? Remember people do business with people. Look at your social media accounts, are guests able to see a picture of you on there? Have you posted something about you the owner? If not, start to do this on a regular basis, so you become visible. It takes guests on step closer to buying as they get to know you. Regular emailing as already talked helps raise your visibility too. Ensure your e-newsletters come from “Karen” and not from “Spring Cottage” in the sender details.

A bonus tip:

Quick Tip 8 – Go Pro!7 quick tips to holiday rental success

Do you know your numbers. The side of running the business that’s easy to ignore and put to one side because it’s not particularly interesting and it’s a bit dull! But to achieve business success you need to have a grip on your business data and know your costs. That way you can set income goals which cover your costs and give you the net income figure that you want to achieve. Going pro is also about setting targets and working towards these business goals daily.

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