We all know that being a holiday home owner is just great (most of the time!)  It has many benefits:

  • the pride from giving guests a holiday to remember
  • the freedom and flexibility from running your own business
  • having your asset work for you financially now
  • being able to escape on holiday to your property whenever you wish

And it gets better. What if you could holiday in another part of the country or another part of the world, using a week in your own holiday rental as the exchange?

Did you realise you could do that?


benefits of dial an exchangeThis is where Dial An Exchange (DAE) can help you.

I chatted to Alex Brown from Dial An Exchange on just how this innovative approach to holidaying can benefit owners.

Watch, listen or read on, to discover the benefits to holiday home owners, of Dial An Exchange:

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What’s Dial An Exchange and the concept behind it?

It’s a member’s club, just for holiday home owners, where members can benefit by using vacant time in their property, to holiday elsewhere.  There are over 500,000 members worldwide, 60,000 of which are in the UK and Europe

Once you become a member, how does it work?

As an owner you give a week to Dial an Exchange and earn one credit for this week. That credit entitles you to one week in a holiday home anywhere in the world.

Once you’ve got that credit how long do you have to use it?

The credit is valid for 3 years. And it can even be given away to friends and family to use.

What happens once you’ve credited a week with Dial An Exchange?

That week belongs to Dial an Exchange and you must book it out on your calendar.  If it doesn’t get booked and the time passes, then nothing happens. You still keep that credit.

Are there any rules to which week an owner can deposit?

Only that it’s 8 weeks in advance to give Dial an Exchange enough time to find another owner to take that week.

Do you have to deposit a week before you can look at what’s available to you?

No. Once you become a member you will get a password and log in number to go onto the website to see what’s available. But in order to book a week, you need to have a credit.

If you bank a week today, can you go on holiday somewhere straightaway?

As soon as you have this credit, you could book to go on holiday as early as next week!

Once you’ve found a week you want to take, how do you go about booking that week?

Two ways – online via Dial An Exchange website or  call their North Yorkshire based customer service team Monday to Friday 9 to 5.

What’s the cost?

Membership is free. There is a premium service called Gold Advantage.

What’s the cost of doing an exchange?

At the time of booking (ie once you’ve found somewhere you want to take a holiday) there’s a fee of £87 per holiday if it’s in Europe and £99 if outside of Europe.

There are Bonus weeks you can take and pay for, without having to give a week to Dial An Exchange. These tend to be late getaways or cancellations (more details on the website)

If you have a specific week that you want to go on holiday on and there’s no availability showing for that week, can I request to be notified?

A standard member receives one free request that they can put on the system. If you have Gold Advantage service you can put as many requests on the system as you want and Dial An Exchange do the legwork and contact you when a match becomes available. This will be held for you.

What happens when someone books this week?

Details are passed to you and you contact the guest directly to send your arrival info etc

Any special offer you can make to those owners listening to this?

When you sign up as a member, click on referral source and select “The Business of Holiday Rental”. This will give you 3 months free access to the Gold Advantage service

To find out more about Dial An Exchange visit their website: Dial An Exchange

And don’t forget to use the referral code “The Business of Holiday Rental”