No matter how gorgeous your property is, how stunning the views, how welcoming and accommodating you are as a host, if guests can’t find you, they can’t book with you.

You need to be seen by your guests.

You need to stop hiding behind your computer.

And to stop being the best kept secret of the holiday rental world.

It’s time to be loud and proud about what you have to offer.

So what’s stopping you?

Does selling feel ‘icky’?

So you’d rather whisper your message as it’s a bit embarrassing or you feel you’re bragging by shouting about how fab your holiday home is.

Look at this way. If you whisper too quietly, guests who would love to say with you won’t know about you.  And you’re then stealing the chance for those guests to make amazing holiday memories with you. And that’s unkind isn’t it?  Not to mention a poor business model!

How guests buy has changed in recent years.  Today you don’t have to become a market trader and stand on a street corner shouting about your wares.  It’s a much softer, subtler approach.  More about raising awareness so people get to see you and find out about you, and follow you and maybe don’t even book with you immediately. It’s about nurturing a relationship with them so when they’re ready to book, they’ll choose you.  It’s a drip feed effect.  And if that’s selling then that’s not icky is it?

What selling does mean is showing up online and in social media regularly and consistently.  It means following the 80/20 rule. Talking 80% of the time about others and 20% about you.

Are you everywhere you can be online?

And I don’t mean on all the large listing sites.   I mean if someone specifically typed your property’s name into Google, would they find you?

Are you registered with Google for Business?  Do you have your own website that showcases your holiday home?  Have you accounts set up on different social media platforms (which often come up in Google searches) consistently using the same business name?

Do you have a low cost Facebook ad running, targetted at your ideal guest and which is clear about what benefits a stay in your property would give these people.

Are you scared of trying something new?

I get it, you know you should blog, but how and about what? That’s not something little old me could do. And what if I do write a blog and people think it’s rubbish?

If you know that something, such as blogging, will get you seen by more people – then get on and do it. No excuses.  In that example about being worried what someone else thinks – so what – they’re entitled to their opinion Please remember though that most people are lovely.

What if they loved what you wrote? And it resonated with the reader that they too want to experience what you’ve just blogged about; so they book a holiday with you so they can do that?

Are YOU showing up?

Is there a picture of you on your website and social media accounts? Or are you hiding behind a logo or images of your property?

Have you recorded videos of you talking about your holiday rental and how fabulous it is to stay there? Or videos of you out and about in the area, showing potential guests first-hand what there is to do there?  In the online world, videos rule.  Videos on Facebook for example get a much better reach than posts with images.  YouTube is owned by Google so any video you add to your YouTube channel gives you a chance of be found in Google searches.

Also are you regularly blogging, posting on social media, sending newsletters in order to build and nurture the relationship with potential new guests?  They won’t find you unless you do!

Are you collecting testimonials?

Positive reviews from past guests help potential guests take notice of you. It’s third party proof that your holiday home is as good as you say it is.  Potential guests would expect you to say that, but hearing it from others is way more powerful.  Don’t leave these comments just sitting on a page of your website.  Use these quotes in your social media too.

So if you want to be loved and appreciated by grateful holiday guests and earn a healthy profit, then you have to stop being the best kept secret!  

YOU NEED TO RAISE YOUR VISIBILITY and stop being the best kept secret as that won’t boost your bank balance!