Do you want my eyes, my expertise, my industry knowledge 100% on your holiday home business as we work together intensively for 3 months (or 6 weeks – your choice)?

Do you need help to get the bookings rolling in?

Are you struggling to get your holiday home standing out, from the many other holiday homes in your area; so guests choose you?

Do you wish you knew how to successfully market your holiday rental, how to do some of the techie stuff so that doesn’t hold you back and how to fast track your way to large listing site independence?

Do you want a plan that is 100% focussed on your holiday home business, that works towards your personal business goals and kickstarts you and your business, propelling it forward?

Imagine …

… how it would feel to be in control of your holiday home business with no overwhelm and fear, just a clear strategy to move you forward.  

… having confidence in your marketing skills and how exciting it would feel when the booking notifications start pinging through, knowing that you have made that happen.

… being in control of the technology (and not the other way round)

… knowing how to create and update a website you can be proud of, how to optimise your use of social media and how to build relationships with your guests that convert (both online and offline).


I’ve built a successful holiday rental business, turning my property from bland to gorgeous on a small budget.  Consistently I now earn 20% more per booking (on average), than other properties in my area.

I understand what it’s like to be an individual owner in a market place dominated by large agencies and listing sites.

I know how hard it is to get yourself seen and noticed.  But I know it can be done and I know what owners need to do, where they should be focusing their time.  I don’t talk jargon and I don’t expect you to know “stuff”.

I work with you at your level, talking your language (no jargon allowed!).

This VIP, one to one work is unique to you, but together we’ll work on such things as:

  • your website copy so it sells for you
  • your social media strategy so you make the most of this brilliant free resource
  • who your ideal guests are who will pay your prices
  • how you can add value and make more from your property
  • what’s holding you back (it’s probably lack of confidence or overwhelm)
  • how to style your holiday rental on a budget so it wows online and offline

Working 1 to 1 with me will give you:

  • My expert knowledge and my attention on your business
  • My ideas and ability to spot missed opportunities and fill gaps
  • Support and virtual hand holding so you don’t feel alone
  • Accountability so you actually get done that you say you’ll get done!
  • Personal goal setting so you know what you’re aiming for, which makes goals easier to achieve

Your Investment

Either £1500 for 3 months 1:1 VIP work, you get:

  • 6 x 1 hour sessions (usually every fortnight) plus email and message support in between
  • Accountability.  I will set you an action plan on each call and I want to know each week what you’ve achieved
  • 3 month’s Priority Access To Me.  I’ll be there to help you whenever you need me to. Just get in touch!

coaching holiday home owners buy now
Or click here to pay <<<3 monthly installments of £500>>>

Or £750 for 6 weeks 1:1 VIP work, you get:

  • 180 minutes of calls with me (6 x 30 mins once a week) plus email and message support in between
  • Accountability.  I will set you an action plan on each call and I want to know each week what you’ve achieved
  • 6 weeks’ Priority Access To Me.  I’ll be there to help you whenever you need me to. Just get in touch!

coaching holiday home owners buy now
Or click here to pay <<<3 monthly installments of £250>>>

This 1:1 work is only for those holiday home owners who are serious about moving their business to the next level. It’s for those owners who aren’t afraid of hard work and who are prepared to embrace new ideas and new technology. It’s for those savvy owners ready to embark on a learning curve (which may be steep at times). For those owners who can see the long term benefits such intense work will bring to their holiday rental business.

I can’t be responsible for the results you achieve but I will be responsible for giving you the necessary tools, techniques, tips and advice to fast track you to holiday rental success!

Please read through my <<Work With Me Terms and Conditions>> before commencing our sessions.

Sounds good, but you’d like to know more…

Frequently Asked Questions

How will we work together?
We will work together via Skype or Facebook Messenger video chat.   Together we’d discuss YOU and YOUR PROPERTY and devise an action plan unique to you and with clear, actionable, accountable steps.  I’ll set you fortnightly tasks and challenges on which I want to know your progress.    By the end of the 3 months you will have grown in confidence both personally and professionally.  You’ll have focus and clarity and will be ready to take your holiday rental business to the next level.  If you opt for the 6 weeks  timescale then obviously we wont be able to cover as much ground. But the principles of working together and the benefits it brings to your business is still there.

Will I feel overwhelmed?
I want to push you to achieve as much as you can in our time together. But if you feel the pace is too fast, or indeed you want to ramp it up some more and be given more homework, let me know. I’ll taylor it to you.

Do I need to have any technical/marketing/styling knowledge?
No.  You will learn my tips and techniques during the process.

Do I need any special equipment?
You will need access to a PC with an internet connection and speakers so you can hear our coaching sessions.

Do I need a website already?

Do I need to add VAT to the above price?
No, the price quoted is the price you’ll pay. No nasty, expensive surprises.

Is this coaching only suitable for people new to the holiday rental market?
No. Whatever stage you’re at, you will benefit from this investment in your holiday rental business.  You may just be starting out and you want to get it right from the start, you may be a short way into the holiday rental business and you’re stuck. Or you may have years of experience but something’s just not working/.

Can I ask you things between our sessions?
Absolutely. You have priority access to me. If you’re working away on something and you want me to have a look at it, or get clarity or are stuck, you don’t wait until our next chat. You message me or email me.  This VIP program is the highest level access to me and as such my VIP clients are my priority.

How is VIP different to buying 6 Action Hours?
You don’t have priority access to me when you buy an Action Hour. The hour is powerful, but it’s just that hour. During VIP my head is in your business even when we’re not speaking.  I’m still by your side and thinking about you. For an Action Hour, it’s just that hour. That’s why there’s the difference in pricing.  The more of me you get, the more fit costs.

Make now your time to get serious and to invest in you and your holiday home business.

coaching for holiday home ownersOnce payment is received, I’ll be in touch to arrange our first  session.

You could be working with me as early as next week!

I’m passionate about helping and empowering holiday rental owners to benefit from the potential in their holiday home. I look forward to working with you and to moving your holiday rental business forward.

If you’d like to find out more; to know if this coaching package is right for you and your business, then please email me:


Karen from The Business of Holiday Rental