Because you don’t want to lose bookings as a result do you?

When I say the word clutter, what do you think of?

The stuff you’ve shoved into your spare room, your over-flowing wardrobe or that shelf that you keep adding family photos to? All of which need a good sort through when you get time.

It’s unlikely that your holiday home’s clutter will be as drastic as that.  But it’s very likely still there, just more subtly and as such can go unnoticed.  No more!

Clutter is defined as “something that does not belong in that space”. A space can be the room as a whole or a part of that room.  That means each item counts.

Clutter in your holiday home can be that vase that’s just the wrong size, or that sofa throw that’s seen better days, or those pieces of artwork on the wall that are too small.

It’s so easy for clutter to build up:

  • you no longer want to display or use it in our own home but you can’t bear to part with it. So how fortunate you are to have a holiday home to put that item in!
  • guests have left it behind and now it’s part of the fixture and fittings
  • a well-meaning friend/relative gave it to you, telling you it would look great in your holiday home, so you keep it there, in case they visit!
  • it’s been there for that long you no longer “see” it

When I’m styling a holiday home, the first thing I tackle is the clutter. Styling is all about creating a cohesive, attractive space where everything in it looks good, has a purpose and works together. Clutter does the opposite, it stops the decor scheme gelling, it attracts the eye to it for the wrong reasons.

Does that vase really matter? I think it does.  You want to impress your guests when they first see you online. And you want to look better than the competition. You want to stand out for the right reasons.

Your holiday home has to be styled with more attention to detail and its decor scheme be more cohesive that your own home ever needs to be.

With your holiday rental you’re selling a lifestyle – a place to escape to, a relaxing space to spend time in.

A mish-mash of artwork, furniture and vases that you are simply in there for the reasons mentioned above won’t do this selling for you.

A way to grabbing guest’s attention, and creating a space they want to holiday in, is to regularly declutter your holiday home.

There’s no magic wand you can wave. You have to assign decluttering time.  Twice a year may be as often as you need to tackle it.

Where do you start?

  • Choose a room
  • Divide the room into spaces eg the windowsill area, the furniture, the bookshelf.
  • Tackle one space at a time.
  • Be critical of each item in that space
  • Assess each item, objectively
  • Assess the space as a whole, objectively

Taking this critical, objective approach isn’t always easy but it is necessary. Otherwise nothing will change and your holiday home will start to sink under superfluous, mis-matched items and build up of clutter.  Not an attractive look for your online images is it?   Your bookings certainly won’t flow if that’s the case!

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