Hi. This is me, Karen Spencer …

Me and the holiday rental industry

I have years of experience in the holiday rental industry.

Not only as a successful owner (of a special holiday home in North Yorkshire), but from my old job too.

My experience began 12 years ago, when I worked for a luxury self-catering holiday agency.  Boy was this a busy, eye-opening, steep learning curve, fabulous place to work.

I picked up so many tips and tricks from speaking to owners and guests.  I gained a real understanding of what it takes to run a successful holiday home. Where to spend, where not to spend, the importance of knowing your target market’s needs and wants on holiday and over-delivering on every aspect in your business.  

It also opened my eyes to how much an owner can earn, if they bring the right product to the right people at the right price.

I wanted in!

Me and my holiday cottage

As soon as I become an owner I knew I wanted to make every booking count.  That’s where the profits would lie. 

Accepting low value bookings was not part of my plan!  I value my time, my efforts and my lovely holiday home too much for that.

I wanted to be the property worthy of charging £850 per peak week and not £650 like most two-bed cottages in my area. I set about creating a special place to stay.

Somewhere that’s  full of attention to detail from the blackout blinds in the bedroom, to the comprehensive list of baby equipment provided. Also my holiday cottage is special because of me. I care about my guests, I care that they get the most out of their precious holiday time. I appreciate the fact that they have chosen to stay with me. I respect them.

I didn’t need to spend shed-loads creating that special holiday cottage. And you don’t have to.  I applied trusted home staging techniques on how best to style and present a holiday cottage to look its best for minimum spend.   I’m a qualified home stager so that side of the business does come easy to me (but I can teach you all you need to know).

And I achieved Visit England 5* Gold.

Then I had to get some paying guests.  I researched and I read and I studied. And repeat!

I taught myself how to use social media and how to build my own website, how SEO works and how to market my holiday rental. 

After mistakes, trials and error, it all started to come together.

If I could do this, other owners could too and I knew I could help them to maximise their income from their holiday property.


My mission to share my knowledge, my experiences, my ups and my downs, to help other owners earn more from their holiday home was born!

I wanted a one-stop-shop to take me through this process of creating and then growing a holiday rental business. But there wasn’t one.

There is now!

The Business of Holiday Rental is born from my needs, worries and issues as a holiday home owner and my industry experiences and knowledge.  

I understand your struggles, your frustrations, your needs very well, because I’ve been there!

I had to learn the hard way and yes I made some mistakes along the way, it hasn’t all been plain sailing, but I’ve learned from them. 

And I’m ready to help you earn more from your holiday home.

I look forward to working with you.

Karen from The Business of Holiday Rental

How can I help you?


This is one heck of a powerful hour. You and me 1 to 1.

It’s you and me focussing solely on your business.  Get your ducks in a row, get your next steps and growth plans in place.

What are you really struggling with? What’s holding you back?  What do you need advice on right now so you can earn more from your holiday home?   Let’s tackle that together; now.  

Don’t stay stuck, your business and you deserve better.

earn more from your holiday home


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Then check out my off-the-shelf classes and online courses.  Prices start from £14.99

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