High standards of cleaning and cleanliness are ESSENTIAL

No matter where your property is, how much you charge, who your target market is – cleanliness is key.

So here’s my essential cleaning advice for holiday home owners:


Invest in good quality equipment; from vacuum cleaners to cloths to detergents. They do the job more effectively and quicker and last longer! Use micro-cloths when dusting to better trap allergens.

Soft Furnishings

Don’t just vacuum rugs as this doesn’t always remove all the trapped dust – take them outside and give them a good shake. The same applies to blankets, throws and cushions.  These should also be dry cleaned regularly.

essential cleaning advice for holiday home owners

Freshen up

Build time into your cleaning routine to air a room. Even if its clean, it can still feel stale. Open the windows and let the air circulate.

Guest eye-view

See things from your guest’s point of view, from their eye-line.  For example,  lie in the bath to see if taps look clean, sit on the sofa and can you spot any dust webs?

taps - cleaning advice for holiday home owners

Leave no evidence

Leave no evidence of the previous guest.  This includes checking in all drawers and cupboards. Particularly in the kitchen, ensure they haven’t left any food behind.  Also in the dishwasher residue and washing machine/tumble drier filter, make sure there are no traces of previous guests.

Work systematically

cleaning advice for holiday home ownersWhen dusting work left to right, top to bottom.

When mopping start in the far corner of the room and work towards the door.

Tackle one room at a time.

Incorporate “deep cleans” into your schedule.


Details matter

Don’t forget under sofas, around skirting boards, on top of fridges, bed frames, behind furniture, along the top of pictures, even ensure your cleaning cupboard is kept clean!

Cleaning/Housekeeping Staff

They matter a lot! Value your cleaner and/or your housekeeper as they are an important part of your team. Issue them with a cleaning checklist so they can systematically work through what’s to be done.

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