You want to tell everyone about your holiday home. About just how fabulous it is. You love it and know they will too.

You have a message to share.

But how do you get this message out there in the most efficient and effective way? In a way that will bring you the most bookings? In a way that doesn’t mean spending every single minute on it.

Let’s be clear, this doesn’t involve licking envelopes and heading to the post office.

It involves the 21st century way of communicating online:


If you’re not already doing so, collect email addresses from your guest.  Have a clause in your T&C that says you’ll add them to your mailing list. Of course they can unsubscribe at any time, but make it opt-out rather than opt-in.  Assure them you will not pass their details to third parties and you will use their email address only to send them your monthly news, updates and offers.

Look through your past guest data and collect their emails.  In this instance make your first communication to them an email explaining that you will be sending monthly newsletters. As an incentive for them to stick with you offer them a subscriber only special offer.

If you’d like help setting you your e-newsletter click here: >>Awesome E-newsletter Class<<

Social media

Don’t think you need to be on every single social media platform – you don’t. Choose two eg Facebook and Twitter and master these.  You must then commit to posting and interacting regularly. Being consistent is what will bring you results.  Don’t just talk about your holiday rental. Being on social media is not about sell, sell, sell. It’s a more subtle approach than that.  It’s about interacting with others, about sharing and about communicating, as you would with someone face to face. Show interest in others and they in turn will return the favour.  Post about your area, about you the owner, about general topics such as gardening or beaches.  And intersperse these posts with occasional promotional posts just about your holiday rental.

Your Website

Having your own website that you can edit and adapt is crucial as an independent owner.  It’s the centre of your marketing message. Other activity on your e-newsletters or social media is about encouraging future guests to click a link to take them to your website. Why? Because your website is where you showcase your holiday home in its best possible light. Here you’re not restricted to 140 characters as you are in a Tweet, you’re not restricted to only choosing a couple of images to include in each newsletter – you can use as many as you like.  In fact images on a website are crucial

Word of mouth

Self promotion or you saying how wonderful your holiday home is, is what guests would expect you to say.  When a recommendation comes from someone else, such as a past guest, then it carries a lot more weight. Encourage guests to leave you reviews in a Visitor’s Book.  Add them to a specific Guest Reviews page on your website.
Create a meme, such as this, using their comments and post on social media.

Also if local businesses can recommend you to their customers and you reciprocate, that’s a great way to get your message heard.  For this to work best, make sure you’re both talking to the same customer demographic.

Getting your message out there efficiently and effectively is about you being proactive. And commit to it being part of your daily, weekly and monthly routine. The results it will bring you and the relationships you will build with past, present and future guests will make it worth your while.