Your guest’s holiday experience matters.

I always recommend you go the extra mile; to help your guests to immerse themselves in local experiences; to get more out of their precious holiday time.

An ethos that Tobooka , a guest experience booking company, fully shares.

Here’s a guest blog from Brodie Farrow of Tobooka.  She shares three top tips on how to improve your guest’s holiday experience before they even leave home.

Let’s face it, everyone’s top priority is securing a booking. The second priority is then to make sure your guest has a great time whilst they are staying with you.

Very often owners forget about the time between booking and arrival but there is so much potential here!

Want to know how you can enhance your guests holiday experience before they even step through the door? Here are our top 3 easy tips for adding value for your guests:

1.  Offer advice on activities in the area

Once someone has booked a holiday let, chances are they will either start to look for things to do in the area, which can be an arduous task, or they will ask you for recommendations.

If you can send them some amazing activities before they even ask – that is fantastic customer service and will make all the difference to their holiday planning!

In a survey of more than 75,000 consumers, the number one most important factor in a customer’s loyalty is reducing the amount of effort they have to put in to solving a problem (Harvard Businesses Review) .  

If you’re struggling for things to recommend or you’re finding that it takes too much time to source suppliers, try searching for your location on  We have a host of hand-picked local experiences that are tried and tested, from professional private chefs to raft building and even falconry.

Adding value to your guests can be as easy as adding the Tobooka link to your confirmation email so there are no excuses!

2.  Make sure your customer service doesn’t drop off just because they’ve booked

Your guests might have questions about check in times, house logistics, dietary requirements amongst many other things, so make sure that you are easily contactable.

In fact research from American Express found that 86% of customers will pay more for a better customer experience.  So if you want to keep your guests coming back year after year, customer service has to be a huge priority. It’s much harder to get new bookings than it is to get repeat bookings from happy customers after all!

3.  One last personal message before the stay

If the weather is going to be sunny for their stay, why not send out a quick email a day before they arrive reminding them to pack their sun cream and hat? It’s personal touches like these that really make all the difference and let guests know that you care.

When a customer feels that they are getting additional value from an experience they are not only more likely to choose that businesses again, but they are also more likely to refer a friend or two.

Whether you simply offer an easy way to book activities in the area that enhance your guest’s holiday, or offer a friendly, personal reminder before their stay to make sure they know that you are thinking of them, we encourage you to add as much value as you can for your guest. You never know how many times they might come back!

And so much is possible before they’ve even left home!

More from Tobooka:

We connect  people coming on holiday, who are looking to explore the unexpected, with unique local experiences.  Experiences that they will remember for a lifetime. We’re partnering with holiday homes across the country to add value for their guests by offering them a range of incredible things to do in the area. This saves time for holiday home owners and helps to make sure their guests have an unforgettable stay.
So many incredible experiences for your guests are run by people who have low budgets and often no online booking system. In most cases, you won’t even be able to find these businesses without an in depth local knowledge, but this doesn’t mean that they are not offering great activities!  We want to uncover these hidden gems and bring them into the spotlight.