WORK WITH ME 1 TO 1 –  Action Hour Strategy Call

What are you stuck with right now in your holiday home business?

What’s holding you back?

What do you need and want to change?

Isn’t it time to take action, face those problems head on, for the sake of your business?

Nothing’s gonna change if nothing changes!

Book an Action Hour Strategy Call and get 100% of my time, my attention and my energy on your holiday home business.

Stop winging it and start working it!

An Action Hour will:

  • tackle those forever present, niggling issues that are keeping you stuck – don’t put up with them any longer
  • help you straddle those hurdles that you just can’t get over on your own. Why plod on alone when you don’t have to?
  • give you actionable, bespoke steps to take away and implement into your fabulous business
  • boost your confidence in your own ability and get you more bookings as a result

An Action Hour is:


  • very specific to you and your biz – it’s all about you!
  • an independent, professional review of what you’ve got going on
  • a fresh pair of eyes on your processes, your systems, your marketing
  • an injection of energy into your business – hints, tips, tricks

Sounds great, but what will we actually cover?

It’s specific to you so no one size fits all.

For example:

  • Are you struggling to stand out from the competition?
  • Are you finding it difficult to get more eyes on your holiday cottage?
  • Do you need help in setting your prices?
  • Is the techy stuff scaring you – what matters and what doesn’t?
  • Do you want specific marketing advice that doesn’t mean being tied to the computer 24/7?
  • Do you simply need to know you’re on the right track?

Maybe you’re unsure of what exactly is stopping you from moving forward, you just know that something’s not quite right in your business. That’s fine, we’ll tackle that during your Action Hour.

Whatever areas of your business we talk about, I’ll look for the gaps and the opportunities in what you’re already doing. And give suggestions on what you should be doing!

What will I get as a result of this Action Hour?

A massive business benefit – just you see!

If you’re feeling a bit stuck, it will get you over the hump

Add that extra umphh, that extra juzz to you and your holiday rental business

You’ll come away with implementables, that you can run with, working towards the goals we’ve identified

You’ll have a bespoke action plan, for what your holiday rental business actually needs

Quick gains – stuff that will move your business forward and get you to the next level

I’m not saying that after just one hour all your ducks will be in order but the next set of ducks will definitely be in line!

Let me help you get unstuck and moving forward, just like these lovely holiday home owners:


I just had my Power Hour with Karen Spencer and it was the best hour I’ve had. Money well spent indeed. Highly recommend. I have a good list of actions to work through. Thank you!

Jane, Inverness

Just completed an Action Hour with Karen and what a great experience this was. She had taken the time to look at my website and gave me some great pointers to improve it. She answered all the questions I had. Some of things we discussed I already knew I had to do and Karen helped to clarify how to take these forward. She also shed some completely new insights on to my business which I would never have thought of. In addition, she brings her interior designer hat to the mix, which is also really helpful. I came away with lots of ideas and strategies to implement them. Fantastic investment and I’m confident it will bring dividends.

Suzanne, North Yorkshire

The personal and business benefits gained from the 1-2-1 Action Hour session with Karen Spencer were invaluable to me! The tips, tricks, techniques and templates she has been introducing me to via the Facebook group have already enhanced my knowledge on holiday business setup. But the 1-2-1 session today gave me answers and assurances to questions we harboured about our decisions with our holiday rental setups. This was a valuable sanity check on our business plan. Better still, Karen gave me a clear way forward through the murk of co-ordinated online social media marketing. I strongly recommend this session to anyone setting up or trying to improve their business.

Robyn, nr John O'Groats


In other words, the cost of two night’s accommodation in your holiday rental!  Yet the knowledge you’ll take away with you will last a lifetime!  Put like that, it’s bit of a no brainer isn’t it?

Don’t miss out! Because I know that you’re ready to boss this, to work it, to win it,

You just need some professional help to get there.

Take action now and kick start some wonderful changes in your holiday home business.

After payment I’ll be in touch to arrange a time to talk. I’ll also need you to email me links to your listing, website, social media so I can prep before we speak. Don’t worry if you don’t have any or many links – that’s fine. Karen
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