What drives me to work with you lovely holiday home owners, to empower and support you?

To help you to:

  • Maximise your income from your holiday rental
  • Be in control of your business
  • Not rely on the big listing sites for bookings

In other words, to get to where I am today!  If I can do it, so can you. 

It hasn’t always been that way for me but I’ve made it happen and I want to help you do the same.

OK I had a head start as my job at a holiday letting agency gave me unique insights into this industry.

But I have been on the same journey as you, I’m just further down the road.  I get your struggles and your frustrations.

In my corporate life, I was a departmental coach, helping others to reach their potential.  Nothing’s changed in that respect, I just work in a different industry and am self-employed rather than working for a multi-national!

At First

When I first started out I listed with Owners Direct, Holiday Lettings and AirBnB.  Afterall how else as a small independent owner could I get future guests to know about me?  At the time I knew no different.

But I soon got fed up of giving control away to the big third party big listing sites (not to mention paying them fees and commission).  I made a decision that I’m not doing this willy-nilly anymore.

Why should I line their pockets, it’s my money, my business, my care and attention to detail, my guests.  I had to figure out, what can I do to be independent, to be free of the big listing sites.  I realised smaller, niche sites could still be my friend as long as I used them strategically. And of course it meant taking action and being proactive, doing my own marketing.


I’m in a bloomin’ good place.  I run my holiday home business my way. With one eye fixed firmly on my income and the other on giving my guests a fabulous holiday experience.

I have this amazing asset that is there for the future but I’m making it work for me financially now and I’m loving it.

It’s not easy.  I’ve worked hard at it. I’ve read and researched and experimented.   I’ve invested in online training to plug any knowledge gaps (so worthwhile).  I’ve sieved out what’s needed.

I’m imparting that knowledge to other holiday home owners through The Business of Holiday Rental.

And helping you to earn more isn’t just about being free of commissions and big listing site fees, it’s about:

  • setting your prices correctly
  • bringing a product to the market that is worthy of charging more per week
  • attracting the high value bookings you deserve because of all the time and effort you put in
  • knowing how to use social media effectively
  • having a website and getting it working for you, taking those bookings,
  • getting found by your ideal guest, your niche target market.
  • presenting your property, making it zing and stand out when people are looking online to book
  • the mindset of being an owner. And really running it as a business and not a hobby.
  • having your finger on the pulse to how much it is costing you to bring this product to the market
  • knowing what your income targets are, so you can measure success

There’s the money side, the makeover side, the mindset side, the marketing side of running a business.

All these elements fit together bit by bit, step by step to get your bank balance boosted.  And I can help you with all that.

If you want to fast-track your way to a successful holiday rental business, working with me 1 to 1 is the solution you need.  Click here to check out my support packages >>Work With Karen<<

Let me help you to get you earning more, to get in control and to empower you to make the right decisions for you and for your holiday home business.