Do you know you need help with your holiday home? Yet you plough on, chasing your tail, trying to manage it and run it all by yourself.

Yes? Well you need to get help!

That’s certainly how I used to be.  But I had a choice; to carry on complaining about how much I had to do or to get some help.  I opted for the latter.  I freed up valuable time which I spent instead nuturing and growing my holiday rental business.

Initially, it’s not easy, lots of thoughts run through your head.

To get help is an admission that I’m not coping – WRONG!

It would mean someone else getting involved and me losing control – WRONG!

Much better for me to plod on and try and do it all myself, even if the joy has gone, it’s causing me sleepless nights and an evening with my feet up in front of the TV is a distant memory- WRONG!

Nobody can do a better job than me – WRONG!

But imagine not having to tackle:

  • the cleaning
  • the welcome hamper
  • the housekeeping
  • the laundry
  • the gardening

These routine tasks can be outsourced to others.  Imagine how much time this would free up?

You’d be able to focus on what really matters: building your holiday rental business.

And you’d spend your precious time instead on

  • marketing your property
  • setting income goals and targets
  • tracking occupancy rates, profits and expenses
  • building relationships with your guests and future guests.

Can you see the difference in these two lists of tasks and tell me, as a business owner where your energy and passion would be better spent? The second list – Right!

You of course still need to be involved in the routine tasks.  But in a managerial not a hands on role.  And yes it involves finding a reliable team of local people.  But that can be done.

What help you need will depend on your circumstances and where you live in relation to your holiday property.   But just think how much easier getting help would make your busy life.

But you can’t afford to pay others is what you’re thinking – Wrong!

Instead think – can you afford not to, if it means growing your holiday rental business?

So, what are you waiting for? Take my advice and get the help you need to manage and to run your holiday home business. You’ll be so pleased you did!

And do let me know how you get on. Pop on over to my Facebook Page and let me know.