You are the biggest asset in your holiday home business.

(Excluding the actual value of the property!)

It’s you who ensures your guests have a great holiday, it’s you who arranges that emergency boiler repair, it’s you who does the marketing, sets prices. It’s you who wears all the hats. If you don’t, then you manage the hat wearers!

You are its driving force, therefore doesn’t it make sense to look after you?  To put a value on what you do and to practice some self-care?

Heck yes!

No more

  • not valuing your time.  If you do the changeovers you don’t see it as a cost to the business. OK you don’t have an invoice to pay at the end of it, but your time is valuable and precious and needs to be treated as so.
  • berating yourself.  For not getting everything done that was on your to-do list. Perhaps your to-do list was unrealistic given the other pressures on your time. For getting “left behind” with technology. Behind who exactly?
  • telling yourself that you can’t take time off.  Because you have to meet guests (use a key box), because you have to finish that blog (whatever excuse you give). This is despite the fact that the sun’s shining and you know how a walk in the fresh air will get the creative juices flowing.

You become the worst boss ever!

Imagine if a “real” boss made you work from 7 am to 10 pm, didn’t allow you to take a proper lunch break and still said you weren’t achieving enough!

I’m guilty of all the above!

The key is to recognise when it’s happening.  And to “Stop being so hard on yourself”.

(Did you sing it as the Take That lyric too from their hit song ‘Shine’?  Which continues”.. it’s not good for your health”).

Yes we set ourselves challenging goals and life as a holiday home owner is a busy one.

But to do all that we need to be fighting fit. We can’t achieve our best if we’re tired, or p***ed off and heading for burn out.

When that starts to happen it’s important to take a step back away from your business and practise some self-care.

Self-care means different things to each of us.  Often it’s not the big stuff, it can be:

  • heading outdoors and connecting with nature
  • catching up with a friend
  • enjoying your favourite herbal brew
  • stepping away from your computer and turning off your mobile phone
  • doing some colouring in (or whatever your favourite past-time might be)
  • hitting the gym
  • treating yourself to a manicure

This can give you a chance to think and clear your head.  Indulging in a bit of self care can also make you appreciate what you have in your life and in your business. Making you more productive and energised as a result.

And that can only be a good thing for you and your holiday home business.