A festive note from me to my holiday home Christmas guests.

Dear Guest

Let’s get your festivities going without a hitch.


If you’re planning to make use of the well-equipped kitchen, to cook your Christmas meal, then make yourself at home.  Take a bit of time to find your way around the kitchen first and have a little pre-Christmas day practice with the oven.

If there’s a particular piece of kitchen equipment that you can’t be without to prepare your Christmas dinner, ask me and I’ll see what I can do.

Bring pre-prepared dishes with you if need be, there’s space in the freezer.

Staying warm

The cottage is cosy and warm. And I’v left an ample supply of logs, kindling, fire lighters and matches for the log burner to keep you extra toasty. There’s a chestnut roasting pan too. How festive!

Family and friends

If you’re staying with us because to be close to your family and friends, make sure they know how how find you.  Be clear on the address and the best roads to use.  I’m happy to help on this, just ask if you’re unsure.


You won’t need to bring your own DVDs, books, CDs, board games, cards, and buckets and spades to keep you all occupied!  Feel free if you have a family favourite, but I’m sure you’ll be delighted with the cottage’s selection.

I’ve also shortlisted some places nearby I recommend you visit over the Christmas period.  You’ll find these in the welcome folder.

Stocking up

You’ll find a list of supermarkets, delis and markets in the welcome folder. Places I recommend you go to stock up on local food and drink. You’ll be spoilt for choice!

Your final step

Take a deep breath. Relax.

The holidays are meant for fun. You don’t want to take on more cooking than your happy with do you?  If mealtimes mean visits to the local pubs and restaurants, rather than you doing all the catering, then so be it. You’re on holiday too!

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas.


Karen – Your friendly, helpful, lovely host!