…by actioning  your holiday home guest feedback.

It’s such valuable business data.

When gathered and used properly it’s an easy-peasy way to improve your holiday rental business.

Yet just asking for guest feedback is something that’s often overlooked. Owners instead focus attention on getting online reviews.

You need both!

Online reviews are social proof and are of course powerful marketing tools to have.  But guest feedback (for your eyes only) is equally important to your business.

It’s your chance to ask your guest for their candid, honest opinion on not just the property itself, but their whole holiday experience with you.

How to capture guest feedback?

Easy-peasy, via a simple 10-12 question evaluation form.

This feedback is for your eyes only and if you act upon it, will further improve your offering to future guests and build relationships with those guests who have left the feedback.

Prepare a form and leave it on your welcome tray for guests to complete while they are on holiday (and provide a pen). Or email them an easy to fill in document eg from Google docs, the day before they leave.  Once they’ve departed the moment has gone and what seemed important while they were staying there, such as a broken garden chair, becomes less so when they return to their normal lives. Yet as an owner you need to know as soon as possible that that chair is broken.

What should you include in your guest feedback form?

Take this opportunity and capture their opinion on:

  • your website – was it easy to navigate and find the info they needed and to book?
  • the arrival information – was it clear, concise and easy to follow?
  • your cleaning standards – on a rating of 1-10 how did guests find these?
  • the property’s facilities. Was anything missing, anything they expected but didn’t find?
  • you as a host. Ask if there’s anything else you could have provided, explained more clearly, done for them?
  • is anything broken/missing.   Take immediate action here and fix ahead of the next set of guests arriving.
  • would they stay with you again? If the answer is no you need to understand why, if the answer is yes you need to keep in touch and continue to build relationships.
  • and would they visit this area again?  If no, then it’s probably no reflection on you, it’s just that these guests like to visit somewhere different each year.
  • could they recommend you to others? It’s really important and worth thanking guests for if they answer “yes”.
  • are they happy to be added to your mailing list- if yes then this is your permission to market to them in the future via your e-newsletters.


Walk the talk – what better way to show your guests that you care about their holiday than to ask for their opinion.

Keep the questions simple, for example “on a scale of 1-10 how would you rate….”.  Also ensure you give guests space to explain their answers if need be.

Be clear on your feedback form that you want guests to be honest with you and that you won’t take offense.   Explain that you want the positive and the negative, no matter how small. This is their chance to express any concerns or niggles (rather than writing it in the guest book or online for all to read!)  Thank them – both on the form and in a follow up email, addressing any issues raised.

Personalise the form by using “I” and add your name at the end.

Do not take any feedback as criticism but as constructive comments that you can use to improve your business going forward.

Add a tick box for them to consent to you keeping hold of their email address and adding it to your e-newsletter list.

Make the feedback count. Act on it.

The insights a holiday home owner can gleam from an evaluation form are gold dust!  Make it count!

If guests raise valid points, take action and inform guests that you are acting on their suggestions. For example I was recently asked to provide a tea cosy for the teapot!  So I purchased one and emailed the guests to tell them that next time they visit their tea will be kept cosy!  Perhaps other guests too had wanted a tea cosy (perhaps not!) but the principal applies that unless I know what guests need and what I’m not providing, I can’t do anything about it.

If you want more help on what questions to ask and how to word them, to get the info you need?  Let me help you with that.

Click here and enter your name and email address to download this feedback form and start using it in your holiday rental business today:

what do your guests think of you