Take your pick from these off-the-shelf classes.  All holiday rental specific, written to boost your knowledge gap and get you moving forward.

Design It Like A Pro!

Learn how to easily create your own professional, eye catching welcome folder.

Have a welcome folder that your guests will actually want to pick up and read!  

Solve their problems, answer their queries – avoid the angst from the off!

Create this value-adding, info-packed guest resource, for only £14.99.

Styling Tweaks To Get You More Bookings

learn how to style your holiday home

Get top tips and interior design secrets to styling a room, to get your property standing out, grabbing guest’s attention and getting them booking with you (over the competition). 

Learn how to do this on a tiny budget with no prior styling knowledge or experience needed. Transform your interiors, amaze yourself with your new-found skills and wow potential guests.

And for only £14.99.


Ready to learn more? Then check out these online courses, ready for you to access now.

The Holiday Rental Success Formula

Holiday rental success

Do you want to make more money from your lovely holiday home?

When you first started out did placing your trust in an agency and the large listing sites seem like a good idea? After all they brought you some bookings. But now …

  • Do you want to maximize your earnings and know you can’t do this when you have agency and listing site fees to pay?
  • Are you frustrated and feel stifled at the control the big guys take away from you?
  • You know things have got to change but are you scared? What if you’re not up to the job? What if your booking calendar doesn’t fill up? What if you waste £100s and hours of your time in the process? What if your techy ability lets you down?

Don’t worry, I know how you’re feeling and I can help you.

My 7 step Holiday Rental Success Formula online program is written just for you.

It’s bespoke for holiday rentals and it’s brilliant value.

I bring together my knowledge and experience as a holiday home owner with my business strategy and advice, blend it with my styling and presentation background and allow you to put together a profitable action plan to attract more holiday makers who will swoon over your property, recommend you to their friends, leave the best reviews and rebook again and again.

No more muddling by, no more fingers crossed hoping for the best, no more dreaming of how you wish your holiday home business could be.  Make it happen!!

This program teaches you, amongst other things, how to:

  • Focus, think and behave like the business owner you are
  • Set stretching prices to meet your income targets
  • Present and style your holiday rental so it stands out from the crowd and pulls in those bookings
  • Adapt “savvy” spending and only spend where necessary
  • Market to your ideal guests, guests who will appreciate what you’re offering and pay for it
  • Optimise marketing tools such as social media, email marketing and your website so they work for you
  • Add value to the guest experience and exceed guest expectations

Step 1 – Your Guest – So you think you know who your guests are or you don’t really care who your guests are?? Well this one is super important. You want to attract the right people to your holiday cottage, you want people who don’t grumble about your pricing and who don’t destroy your beautiful property don’t you? It’s time to work out who is your ideal guest, what do they want from their holiday, what are their expectations, how can you meet their needs exactly, what are they looking for from their holiday, what will they pay more for, where can you get your message in front of them?

Step 2 – The Product – You love your holiday home and it’s time to let the world know just how bloomin’ gorgeous it is too! So often we are so close to our property and it’s so close to our heart that we just assume that everyone knows how very lovely it is. Let me show you how to best present what you have, how can you tweak it, how can you add value without spending shed-loads, how to set stretching yet realistic prices.

Step 3 – The Experience – This is more than just a rental isn’t it! You are providing people with experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. It’s time for you to work out how to make your guests feel valued, what’s acceptable for welcome packs and hampers and what’s not.  How you need to treat your guests and what you have to do to keep them happy and coming back for more!

Step 4 – Visibility – If you blend in then, guess what, you blend in. It’s time to be loud and proud about what you have to offer. If you aren’t marketing your property properly then you are stealing the chance of making those AMAZING memories from those who would love to get their toes on your carpet. Let me show you how to get seen by your guests (no-one can book your awesome experience if they know nothing about it), how to optimise your time on social media, the importance of writing attractive copy to sell your holiday rental, listing site decisions, being visible in your area. How to use Facebook advertising to find new guests.

Step 5 – Going Pro – I know you love it and I know that it’s more than a business BUT I don’t want you to have an expensive hobby. I want you to have a sustainable business that not only financially recompenses you but that’s REALLY rewarding too! It’s time to work out how to capitalise on your uniqueness and use what sets you apart to your advantage.

Step 6 – Relationships – They are more than just names on a booking form aren’t they! These people might come back year on year, your property could be part of some people’s lives as much as it’s a part of yours. Let’s explore the customer journey, email marketing, the booking cycle, building relationships, gathering social proof and what to do with it.

Step 7 – Momentum – No point in just doing this in the short term, let’s make it fabulous and sustainable. I am going to show you how to keep up what you’ve just learnt and what do you need to do differently depending on the time of year. Plus how to systemise and maintain high standards, the importance of operating efficient systems and implementing regular business reviews

Get the 7 Steps to Holiday Rental Success for only £97 (was £297)

Super-duper Charge Your Holiday Home's Marketing

how to market your holiday home

Do you want to master your holiday home’s marketing?  To boost your confidence and your skillset so direct bookings become the norm? And boost your revenue as a result.

Then this online course is for you.  By taking action and implementing the concepts and ideas I teach you in this program:

  • Your confidence in your own marketing skills will sky-rocket
  • You’ll realise that the tech’s not hard; you’ll learn how to use it to boost your bookings
  • You will stop wasting time on marketing activities that don’t work (as I only include stuff in this program that will!)
  • You will know how to attract guests that just love what you offer and can’t wait to book with you
  • You will save time as you’ll know how to put your marketing time to its best possible use.

FACT: If you don’t take action, then your marketing will stay as it is now!

I know that marketing doesn’t need to be hard and you don’t need to be a master marketeer to get it working for you.

What it can be is a minefield, a time drain and a cause of overwhelm.  And that’s why I’ve written this marketing course for holiday home owners: to stop that happening anymore!  It consists of these 6 lessons:

Lesson 1 : Your Ideal Guest – This is super important. You want to attract the right people to your holiday cottage, you want people who don’t grumble about your pricing and who don’t destroy your beautiful property. It’s time to work out who is your ideal guest, what do they want from their holiday, what are their expectations, how can you meet their needs exactly, where are they looking for their holidays, where can you get your message in front of them.

Lesson 2 : Content Marketing – What’s all that about? Let’s call it blogging. Quite simply, it’s  a way of being seen by more people, showing off your knowledge of the area and a way of helping your ideal guest. What’s not to love about that. And you don’t need an English degree to get going. You need a keyboard and you!  Let’s talk how to do this and ideas for topics and titles.  Google will love you too with all that fresh content you’ll be adding to your website.

Lesson 3 : Email marketing – This little beauty is the most effective tool for you to stay in touch with your past and futures guests. Dropping into their inboxes regularly (after gaining their consent to do so) means they don’t forget about you.  This lesson will also show you how to set up the techy stuff in Mailchimp and Mad Mimi so you’ll be emailing like a pro before you know it.

Lesson 4 : Your Freebie – OK so you might think it sounds strange to give something away for free when you’re running a business. But there’s a reason for it.  Let me show you how this strategy can boost your business, why you should be embracing it, plus the techie stuff so guests can actually get their hands on it.

Lesson 5 : Social Media – Not just how to do social media (I can help you with that too) but how to use it effectively. How to get your message across, how to be strategic plus time saving tips, tricks and software.

Lesson 6: Being Visible – If you blend in then, guess what, you blend in. It’s time to be loud and proud about what you have to offer. Let me show you how to get seen by your ideal guests (no-one can book your awesome experience if they know nothing about it).  The importance of YOU coming out from behind your brand, the importance of videos and quality images in your marketing.

This Super-Duper Charge Your Holiday Home’s Marketing program is for you if you have a half-hearted approach to your current marketing, but you need and want that to change. You want to be in control and get the bookings yourself.

And you want to be shown easy to implement, proven marketing strategies that you can use right now.

Take action now for only £49 (was £99). Don’t leave your bookings to chance!

The 4 Ms : Building Strong Foundations

The 4 Ms download page

The 4 Ms are Mindset, Money, Makeover and Marketing.  Four building blocks that need to be in position to ensure growth and success for your holiday home business.

Mindset: How you think, behave and approach your holiday rental business.  It runs through the very heart of everything you do and you run through the very heart of your business, so you need to get it right from the start.

Money: You’re doing this to make money so you need to take stock of your expenses and know your figures and put targets in place. How to maximise your profits through your pricing structure. And how to ask for money in a non-icky way and other money issues such as whether to refund or not and taking security deposits.

Makeover: Add the wow (who wants to be average?) to your holiday home by sharing in my home staging tips and techniques.  Often it’s tweaks, not spending that’s needed. I’ll show you how to best present your holiday home on a budget.  We also look at the extra touches you provide to make a guest feel welcome and their stay with you enhanced. So they come back for more!

Marketing: You need jargon-free, easy to follow, quick marketing tips and techniques.  We’ll focus on your ideal guests and how to get your message seen and heard by them. Including how to use social media effectively and how to get your website working for you. Plus blogging and building your email marketing list (none of this is scary – I promise).

Plus you get everyday downloadable templates – booking form, evaluation form, terms and conditions, fire safety info, furniture checklist.

Get this 4 Ms class and put solid foundations in place before you go any further.

And be super-ready to take your first set of paying guests and to turn your holiday home into a money-making machine!

All this for only £30 (was £99)

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the learning be delivered?
If you haven’t taken an online class or program before, it’s nothing to be scared of.  All you need is access to the internet and a pc/laptop with speakers, so you can listen to the lessons. If you’re able to watch and listen to a YouTube video or BBC i-Player then you’re good to go!

After purchase, I’ll email you a link to a special page on my website where you will access the learning.  You can login to this page as many times and anytime you wish.

The lessons are recorded as video webinars. Work through the video at your own pace. Plus there will be some step by step video tutorials on some of the techie stuff.

What’s the timescale?
You have lifelong access to all lessons.  The material is yours to keep forever! You can work at your own pace and revisit a particular lesson and tutorial again and again.  There’s no such thing as getting left behind.

How much time will I need?

The classes last about an hour and in the online programs each step lasts about an hour too.  Plus some how-to techy videos.  And you will need to allow time to work through the concepts and next steps raised in each lesson. The more work you do here, the better your results.

Do I need to have any technical/marketing/styling knowledge?
No, don’t worry about that because you will learn my tips and techniques during the process.

Do I need any special equipment?
You will need access to a computer or laptop with an internet connection. And you will need a speaker or a headset so you can hear my classes.

If you have any other questions, or want guidance as to which online learning is best for you, drop me an email: