Take your pick from these off-the-shelf classes.  All holiday rental specific, written to boost your knowledge gap and get you moving forward.

Awesome E-Newsletters To Get You Noticed

enewsletters for holiday home owners

You realise what a powerful tool e-newsletters are to your holiday rental’s marketing. But you haven’t got round to using them yet. Start now! This class takes you through everything you need to know to create an awesome e-newsletter campaign, one that gets the desired results; guest relationships enhanced and more bookings.  With all the techie bits explained in step by step video tutorials. Only £14.99.

Design It Like A Pro!

Learn how to easily create your own professional, eye catching welcome folder.  Have a welcome folder that your guests will actually want to pick up and read!  Solve their problems, answer their queries – avoid the angst from the off!  Create this value-adding, info-packed guest resource, for only £14.99.

Styling Tweaks To Get You More Bookings

learn how to style your holiday home

Get top tips and interior design secrets to styling a room, to get your property standing out, grabbing guest’s attention and getting them booking with you (over the competition).  And learn how to do this on a tiny budget with no prior styling knowledge or experience needed. Transform your interiors, amaze yourself with your new-found skills and wow potential guests. And for only £14.99.

The 4 Ms : Building Strong Foundations

The 4 Ms download page

The 4 Ms are Mindset, Money, Makeover and Marketing.  Four building blocks that need to be in position to ensure growth and success for your holiday home business.

Mindset: How you think, behave and approach your holiday rental business.  It runs through the very heart of everything you do and you run through the very heart of your business, so you need to get it right from the start.

Money: You’re doing this to make money so you need to take stock of your expenses and know your figures and put targets in place. How to maximise your profits through your pricing structure. And how to ask for money in a non-icky way and other money issues such as whether to refund or not and taking security deposits.

Makeover: Add the wow (who wants to be average?) to your holiday home by sharing in my home staging tips and techniques.  Often it’s tweaks, not spending that’s needed. I’ll show you how to best present your holiday home on a budget.  We also look at the extra touches you provide to make a guest feel welcome and their stay with you enhanced. So they come back for more!

Marketing: You need jargon-free, easy to follow, quick marketing tips and techniques.  We’ll focus on your ideal guests and how to get your message seen and heard by them. Including how to use social media effectively and how to get your website working for you. Plus blogging and building your email marketing list (none of this is scary – I promise).

Plus you get everyday downloadable templates – booking form, evaluation form, terms and conditions, fire safety info, furniture checklist.

Get this 4 Ms class and put solid foundations in place before you go any further.

And be super-ready to take your first set of paying guests and to turn your holiday home into a money-making machine!

All this for only £30!