You know that to take your own bookings, you need to get found by guests.

And social media is a tool to help you do that.

You’ve Googled it and sure, you’ve picked up some tips. But how do you translate these into your  social media strategy as a holiday home owner?

Is what you’ve read so far even relevant to you?

Some of that general, generic advice will be, such as using social media as a tool to interact and build relationships with others.

But you need to break it down and be more specific than that to bring in the bookings.

What do holiday home owners have to think about in their social media marketing?

Here are 5 things, relevant and specific to you as a holiday home owner; that need to form part of your social media strategy:

1.  Talking constantly about your area

People come on holiday to enjoy time in your property as it’s exactly what they’re looking for but they chose it because of its location.

They decide they want a self catering holiday in Norfolk and then they choose you. Not the other way around.  No matter how gorgeous you are, if you’re in Cumbria for example, then they wouldn’t pick you to stay with you.

In your social media, you have to constantly talk about your area and position yourself as a business operating there.  Share and talk about what there is to do/see/explore/experience in your area as well as sharing posts from other business and tourist sites, also talking about your area.

2.  Putting guest comments to good use

Promotional posts although only form a small part of the content you put out on social media, are your chance to tell guests how amazing you are and how fab a holiday with you would be.

Use them wisely! Take advantage of your past guests to market your holiday home for you.  Take their reviews and comments and share them on social media.

This is not you telling future guests how great you are, it’s more powerful than that, as it’s an endorsement from others.

And rather than just typing up verbatim, take their comment and add it to an image. This is much more impactful.  I created this using Canva:

holiday home owners have to think about in their social media

3. Getting on their bucket list

I always recommend you create a quality holiday rental. One that, when guests see it online, it looks so good, they just have to stay there.

It just might not be what they’re online looking for right now. For example they may need 3 bedrooms as they’re bringing kids and granny on holiday too. But when next they can leave the kids and granny at home, you’re exactly what they’re looking for.

They add you to their bucket list and keep following you on social media.

Make your holiday home stand out.  Take time to style it and present it beautifully.  Use home staging techniques which means minimum spend for maximum impact. (Have I mentioned yet that I’m a home stager? 😉).  Then get some professional images taken.  You will use these all the time on your website and across your social media, showcasing your holiday home in the best possible way.

4. Talking around your topic

By this I mean that if guests choose you because you’re near the coast, make the coast a social media topic.  Think outside the box and talk all aspects of the coast; from wildlife to walks, its past, folklore, festivals, even to coastal erosion.

The same goes for gardening, cycling or walking. Whatever interests your guests may have and are relevant to why they’d book a stay with you, talk this topic in your social media posts.

5.  Being seen as the owner

You must be seen – in all parts of your marketing. Often I see holiday home owners set up their social media and they are then nowhere to be seen.  Don’t hide behind a logo, or your website or your social media accounts.  Be you in your social media; you’re not a faceless listing on a big listing site. You’re on social media to take direct bookings, person to person.

Interact, talk, engage as you.  You are part of what makes your holiday home special. And special is what we’re looking to be. Sign off your posts with your name, ensure your profile picture is of you and include images and video of you in your marketing.

There you have it, 5 things holiday home owners have to think about in their social media marketing. And  plenty of ideas there too so you’ll never be short of content!

Despite these tips, does social media still feel like a headache, a time drain a nuisance?  Are you nodding yes to all 3?

Don’t worry, I see this a lot, particularly when you first start out. It’s one of the topics I get asked about most frequently when I’m working one to one with holiday home owners. But it doesn’t need to be hard, let me help you:

help for holiday home owners

You’ll soon be doing social media like a pro!  Well we may need more than one hour for that. But what you will feel is more confident, more knowledgeable, more in control of your social media and not the other way round.

A sound investment I’d say, for the sake of your future business.  I’m here to help, just get in touch.