Pine Chalets:

Chestnutt Cottage & Beach Hut:

I was in a rutt with my website and I knew things weren’t as they should be. I was also totally overwhelmed at the thought of fixing it myself,I just didn’t know where to begin. A fabulous website review with the lovely Karen Spencer from The Business of Holiday Rental has changed all that. She has given me the confidence and guidance to transform my website into something that I can be proud of.I couldn’t wait to get started,just 30 minutes after watching her video (which you get to keep) I made significant changes that I wouldn’t have thought of.I still have a lot to think about and I will be watching her video several times to take my website to the next level. It’s incredible value at only £49.00! Thank you Karen!

Morag Campbell

Owner & Manager, Pine Chalets

I can highly recommend a review to anyone who feels their site is in need of improvement. Karen is very good at what she does and does it in a friendly, positive and encouraging manner.

An outsider’s view of something that becomes so personal to the creator, opens up new possibilities.  It also is good to have the mechanics of the site actually used by someone other than the maker- just to watch how it functions.

Your video presentation is a very good medium to see this.  Again, thank you.

Judith Chestnutt

Owner & Manager, Chestnutt Cottage

Would you like me to review your holiday home’s website?

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