During a recent exercise class I found myself making an analogy with this class and the way I run my own holiday rental business.

Let me explain.

There are 20 ladies in this class.  We’ve all given up an hour of our time and have paid the same amount of money to do the class.

holiday rental business excercise class

NB This is not an image from my actual class (if only!)

Yet, despite the same investment of time and money, our end-results are not the same. Why?

Because some of my fellow exercisees had the wrong technique. Now, I’m not an expert when it comes to exercising but I do have good technique and I understand how important it is to the end results.  So when I’m in the class I follow the instructor’s instructions implicitly, give it 100%;  no half hearted squats for me and no cutting down on reps either!

I’m there to work hard and to come away with results.

That’s when I realised that this applies to how I run my own holiday rental business too.

Imagine that my fellow class members also have holiday homes, we spend time and money on them, use the same social media platforms. Just like in the exercise class where we have the same equipment, the same music, the same routine.

holiday rental business technique

But I get better results, I earn more (or burn more calories)!

And that’s again because of my technique.  My technique of creating a quality rental that therefore commands higher rental rates and earns me more per booking. My technique of knowing where to focus my time and effort to achieve this.

My exercise class taught me that my technique is spot on!

(This pic is not me and sadly, this is not how I look when I’m exercising!)


I’m very happy to share my holiday rental business techniques with you. Check out my Work With Me Page and my Freebies page, to get you the results you want and to get you earning more!