Do you want to run your holiday rental as a serious business?

Holiday Rental Go Pro


But are you winging it when it comes to business planning and

looking at the figures?

Bits of paper everywhere?

No order?  No real systems or processes?

And are you a tiny bit scared of spreadsheets (those “number things”)?

You know you are making it super stressful for yourself but you have no time, idea or inclination to get this stuff together.  Because it all just seems too bloomin hard!

You know it’s time to stop running this on the hoof and start to bring together a profitable business.

You deserve it!

Your accommodation deserves it!

AND why on earth would you not want to make as much money as possible from your holiday rental business?

You might have looked at spreadsheets that leave you feeling a little green around the gills and business planners that just talk gobbledy gook.  Documents that aren’t designed for your kind of business and they just leave you feeling completely confused.

So it’s time to get specific help, for your specific, awesome, holiday rental business.

I have just the business building pack you need – my Holiday Rental Profit Pack

Here’s what Paul from Florida has to say:

“Just had to let you know that I downloaded your profit pack and I think it’s amazing .  I have many databases and spreadsheets for the rental but it’s amazing when you see the report from occupancy sheets.  Great work. Thanks.”


Profit Pack includes:

1 x easy-to-use and jargon free Business Planner

This is going to change your world!  Let’s formulate your marketing plan, set income targets, log your data and write your action plan.  This is real life, implementable stuff that will turn around the way you think about your holiday rental business and the action that you take in order to boost your occupancy rates and ultimately your profits!

5 x done-for-you spreadsheets (all you have to do is add your data):

2019 and 2020 Season Planners

This season planner will help you to maximise your weekly income by using the correct booking period each week, knowing when you need to be in peak season or low season (or one of the 4 booking seasons in between) so that you can charge accordingly, maximising your income.

Costs and Expenses Tracker

Yeah, I know – this is the numbers one and this is  the one that you going to want to avoid!  I get it!! BUT I’ve made it super simple to use the table to calculate your monthly and annual totals for this year and subsequent years meaning no more guessing the profit margins.  No more forgetting about those loo rolls you bought and no more sticking your finger in the air in order to work out your profitability for each rental/month/season/year.

Income Plotter and Tracker

This is super motivating!  You are going to know how many bookings you need to achieve each month to reach your income target.  This will allow you to set super realistic targets and consider how you’re going to achieve them. It will motivate you to get those last little bookings that make all the difference to the pennies in the bank account.

Occupancy Chart

What percentage of time in the last 12 months has your holiday rental been full or at 75%?   No idea?   This will help you see trends and look at the potential for those quieter times.  As they say, knowledge is power!!


This Profit Pack will reignite the passion for your business.

And with all this business building data at your fingertips, you will be streets ahead of other holiday rentals on the market. 

Stop scratting about, stop being disorganised, stop winging it and grab this, totally user friendly, completely implementable Holiday Rental Profit Pack to see your business start to shine.

Not only can it help you to plan the upcoming seasons but you can come back to use this again and again.

And if you’re worried about using spreadsheets, don’t be.  Just follow my walkthrough videos where I explain exactly how to use each spreadsheet and you’ll be number crunching like a pro!



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