Here’s a guest blog from Gill Burrows from The Lake House, Spain. A lady after my own heart!

I’m a holiday rental owner with a passion for interior design with two rental properties in the Murcia region of Spain.

Both properties are currently being refurbished for a re-launch later in 2017.  I’m taking this downtime time to rebrand and revise my website and social media. To get in touch you can contact me via Facebook @thelakehousespain.

Apart from working full time in the UK in Telecoms my real passion is interiors/ home design / staging. My claim to fame so far is “making over” friends rooms and sending a photo to House Beautiful for a Twitter campaign they were running called “cushions on the couch” last year. See the picture below which was featured on their Twitter and webpage.

I’m currently taking the CHSSP (Certified Home Staging and Styling Professional) course and hoping to use my new found knowledge to make my rental “different”. I’ve done a lot of research into my local market and think I’ve found a few niche markets to initially target.

I’m defiantly with Karen and her mantra of “just a little extra thought and spend can make all the difference”. It can provide that all important “wow factor” which can set your holiday rental apart and get those “extra clicks” towards that all important booking.

This example of the patio furniture in my own holiday rental shows what can be achieved on a limited budget.

holiday rental interior design

Having scoured many shops and websites looking for the “perfect patio set” most of the furniture I liked was way out of my “Champagne taste, beer budget”. I eventually found this set at the back of a local shop in their “bargain basement” reduced to 75% off.

Only problem was it was dirty and had bright green and pink flowery cushions so not to everyone’s taste. But it was real wicker and a lovely contemporary design so I knew with a few “tweaks” and a wash I’d got a real bargain.

So I brought the set and cheekily managed to negotiate free delivery “You’ve got to ask”. Once back in the apartment the feedback from friends and neighbours wasn’t good.  The green and pink flowery cushions were a dead turn off. But I knew I could make the set look fantastic.

After cleaning, the next job was to purchase some black velour fabric to give that rich expensive feel. Searching the internet I managed to get the end of a roll of fabric at greatly reduce price and had new covers made. There was also enough fabric left over to make co-ordinating cushions for the living room sofa.

What a difference. I now had a totally new and expensive looking patio set for a faction of the price.

The red throws were picked up from Ikea at £3 each.  My extravagance were the two black stamp cushions at £5 each! The cushions especially received lots of comments from guests asking were to purchase them. So in my book they were an excellent buy.

This shows with a little extra thought interior style doesn’t need to be expensive. Sometimes just small tweaks can make all the difference.

(I agree with you 100% Gill – Karen)