Talking Mindset

These are the questions as a holiday rental owner you should ask yourself –

the Should Ask Questions; to find out if your mindset is in the right place.

The right place to move your business forward and to earn more! After all, that’s what we all want.

How many of the following do you answer “yes” to?

Are you ready to start treating your holiday rental like a business?

holiday rental owner mindsetDitch the “second home” mentality and adopt a business mindset.

Are you ready to get serious about earning more from it, serious about the time  you will need to commit, are you prepared to spend short term for mid-term gain?

Are you ready to share the passion you feel for your property and its location?

holiday home owner mindsetEncouraging visitors to stay with you is as much about the local area as it is your fantabulous property. Are you ready to share the passion you have for your holiday rental, for the village it’s in, for other local business and the wider community and nearest towns?

Let your passion for your property and its location shine through in your marketing and your contact with guests.

Are you ready to adopt an “I can do this” mentality?

holiday rental ownerYou’ll be embarking on a learning curve, picking up new skills, challenging what you know and can do. Are you ready to ignore the inner voices that may be telling you  “you’re not up to the job”?

Focus instead on an “I can do this” mentality.

Are you ready to add value to your guest’s holiday experience?

holiday home owners add valueTreat your guests as individuals, treat them with respect and always be willing to help them. Are you ready to over deliver; exceeding their expectations of the property itself, your customer care and the overall holiday experience?


Did you get 4 Yeses?

Then your mindset is spot on! You know what’s expected of you and what you have to do. You know that this journey will be fun, at times tiresome, often hard work, but ultimately WORTH IT!

Go forth and build your profitable holiday rental business. If you need any help, then you know where I am!