Do you have a question about Hot Tubs For Holiday Lets?

It’s very likely to be answered here, in this question and answer session which took place recently on my Facebook page

John Corner and Philip Simpson Better Living Outdoors, otherwise known as hot tub experts, joined me.  What they don’t know about hot tubs for holiday lets isn’t worth knowing.

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hot tubs for holiday lets

Here’s a summary of some of the questions posed and the answers given:

Q:  Is there any legislation you need to follow if you own a hot tub?
A:  Guidelines yes, legislation no. Here’s a link to current guidance << HSG282 guidance document >>

Q: Can you empty into a septic tank?
A: It’s not advised to empty a hot tub into a septic tank as it can destroy important bacteria in the septic tank. Most hot tub water will be emptied into a mains drain or onto open ground away from septic tank

Q:  Is 37C the maximum recommended temperature for commercial settings, or can it be set higher?
A:  The guidelines say it has to be over 30 degrees but no maximum temperature is in the guide

Q: How often should it be emptied?
A: Between every set of guests, for sure.

Q: How long does it take to empty and refill?
It takes around 20 mins to drain the spa using a submersible pump and then around 1 – 1:5 hours to refill it.  The total amount of time at the hot tub should only take around 30 mins:
Five min set pump up, 15 mins to clean the spa, 5 mins to set the hose up to refill and 5 mins to test and introduce the chemicals

And it’s all about preparation if you have the right tools in place to turn the spa around it won’t take that long

A sump pump cost around £50 including the 10 metre flat hose and filling the spa up with warm water from the house means your not waiting for the spa to heat up ready for the next customer.

Q: If it’s not being used for a few days, do you still suggest to test each day or do you recommend a clean solution whilst not in use
A: If you’ve had a guest and you’re cleaning the lodge or holiday home anyway I would clean the spa as normal and get it ready for use, if not used for a few days that’s fine, a quick test of the water before the new guests arrive and they’re good to go.

Q: Does it need to be a commercial model for holiday let?
A: There is no law saying you must choose our holiday let spa over any other spa.  However it does meet all the new recommendations and has a commercial warranty.  If you chose a domestic spa and use it in a business setting then your warranty will not cover product failure due to misuse.  Also the best thing about the holiday let spa is a lot of the spa functions have been stripped out. For example the controls are limited so the guest cannot tamper with things they shouldn’t!


Q: Are there any links to courses that a holiday homeowner can attend ?
A:  Yes check out a company called Pollet Pool group and ask for Jimmy Lamb. He runs courses all over the country for water treatment in pools and spas.

All hot tub providers should set a few rules.  And include them in the literature that the guests receive. Plus you may want to put the rules on a notice near the spa as well.

Some suggestions might be:

  • Only enter the spa after showering.
  • No children under 12 years.
  • Bathers under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • No glass or sharp objects in the spa area.
  • Bathing sessions limited to 15 minutes.
  • Do not bathe after a heavy meal.
  • Do not use the spa under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • If you are receiving medical treatment or have a long-term illness, consult your doctor before use.

I hope this helps and means that you can now make an informed decision as to whether installing  a hot tub in your holiday home is the right thing for you to do. Yes an expensive initial outlay and more time needed on changeover days. But would the extra bookings and increased weekly prices make this worthwhile?