I admit it, recently I haven’t been spending as much time on my holiday rental business as I should.

How can I when I’m busy running The Business of Holiday Rental and working with other lovely holiday home owners and helping them to grow their businesses?

I’m only human. There are only so many hours in the day.

And I also have a house to run and 2 teenage children with their angst to keep me busy. Plus a recent family bereavement to deal with.

I’m not making excuses, it’s just the way it is sometimes. Life gets in the way!

Over the summer I’ve only spent 1 hr a week on my holiday cottage business. Not long at all and not sustainable. I know I need to give it more of my attention, and I will.  But even on that one hour a week, I’ve still managed to not only maintain the business but also to take some future bookings.

It’s amazing what you can achieve in 1 hour!

If your back’s against the wall and you literally have no time at all (well maybe only an hour), let me share with you where I prioritise my workload.

Firstly for this whole power hour you must stay focused. Absolutely no distractions from other house members or from social media, turn off your phone and do not get side-tracked.  This hour needs to be spent 100% on business building activities.

So the power of the hour is spent:

Creating new content

Social media posts, blogs and e-newsletter content.  All designed to continue to nurture the relationship with those who already know me (past guests, subscribers, Facebook page likers). Content to inform, educate and add value for these people.  I now have so much content, it’s often a case of looking back and upcycling old posts.

I then add this content into my social media schedule in Buffer or Meet Edgar.  Here, I already have a bank of content set up but new, current, seasonal posts still need to be added.

I talk about me, my area, my cottage and importantly share others’ posts too.  All written for my ideal guest.

Sending out my monthly e-newsletter has to happen as there’s no better way to stay top of  guests’ minds.

If you’re stuck for what to include in your e-newsletter, I recommend you read this article <<What To include In Your Holiday Home’s Newsletter If You Have Writer’s Block>>

Bringing new people into my business

I want to capture email addresses from those who may not be ready to book now but who are interested in my holiday cottage and my area.  So I wrote a hidden gems guide. This includes information on where to go, what to do in the area, that I’ve picked up over the years.  Information that they couldn’t find anywhere else. I spend time promoting this guide on social media.

This guide is offered in exchange for an email address with double opt-in where I explain clearly that their email address will be added to my mailing list.  Meeting GDPR guidelines and with reassurance that they can unsubscribe at any time.

Advertising on Facebook is part of my marketing strategy to bring new people into my business.  I have a low cost Facebook advert running to a specific, targeted audience. This needs to be regularly monitored for cost and tweaked if necessary.

Planning and research

This last month has been about looking forward.  Brainstorming and making plans of what I need to do, for when I do have more time. What weeks do I need to fill? What do I need to focus on to do that eg a new Facebook advert, change the copy and images on my website, write a blog.happy Karen after her power hour

Are any new restaurants/business opening that I need to follow on social media, dine in, make connections with or blog about?  Keeping a finger on the pulse of what’s happening locally helps strengthen my position as an expert, a source of knowledge in my area.   This helps builds my credibility as a business owner. Someone who’s looking at the bigger picture, rather than just my bricks and mortar.

All these tasks must happen in my business . If you’re stuck for time and you need to ramp up your business then I recommend these activities come first.

Disclaimer: Other tasks I completed and not included in that power hour are interacting, responding to and commenting on social media.   Often carried out on my phone, while I’m waiting for the pasta to boil or while I’m waiting in the car to collect aforementioned teenagers!

Email enquiries from potential guests were handled promptly as and when received.  Plus last month, I wasn’t involved in any changeovers so no time for me, spent there. Thankfully my amazing cleaner sorted those for me.

From next week, I have diary-ed in one whole day to focus 100% on my cottage. I’m excited as to what I’ll achieve!


Do you want me to help you to achieve this?

To advise you on where you should focus your limited time? To help you do this I need to get my head into your business.  Please send me links to your online listings and website if you have one and I’ll get to work. All you have to do is click here to book your Action Hour and I’ll be in touch:

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