How to style a holiday home!

Only a few of us have the money to employ an interior designer.  So, we do it ourselves and as a result styling mistakes are often made.

Easy for me to say, as I’m a styling professional and it’s my job to spot these styling mistakes and to work with holiday rental owners to correct them.

As is often the case when it comes to styling.  It’s the small changes that make the biggest impact.

Here are 3 common styling mistakes I often see and here’s the solution

Mistake #1 Bland colour scheme

A neutral backdrop is to be recommended but you do need to add some interest to the colour scheme, otherwise the room can look unfinished and very boring.

Solution #1 Add colour

Add an accent colour. This is usually a bold contrasting colour (to the neutral backdrop). Choose a strong colour but only use it in small amounts eg on the cushions, in the artwork, in a throw, in silk flowers. In this living room picture on the left, purple and green were used as the accent colour.  Or if you’re feeling braver, add colour by way of a feature wall as in this master bedroom.

how to style a holiday home   how to style a holiday home

Mistake #2 Using the wrong size

This can be the wrong size sofa, rug, artwork, headboard, furniture…  It all matters and looks visually wrong.

Solution #2 Look at the proportions

Start by looking at the room itself then the biggest piece of furniture. Ask yourself honestly is the sofa dominating the living room? Is the bed frame in the master bedroom too big for the room? Or are they too small for the room? Then look at the other furniture, then the rug, then accessories. Look objectively at each item, as if you’re seeing them for the first time.  It they are too big or too small then the only solution is to replace them. Or in the case of artwork, rearrange them.

how to style a holiday home

each piece of furniture and accessory is the correct size for the space

Mistake #3 Personal belongings

I don’t mean anything as obvious as leaving your toothbrush in the bathroom but I do mean leaving your clutter and personal household objects in your holiday rental because you have no where else to put them!

Solution #3 Declutter and depersonalise

Again, it’s about looking at each room objectively and being strict.  Is that vase serving a purpose? For example is it adding interest to the room, is it an accent colour so part of your overall scheme? If so then leave it be, if not then remove it at once!  Also clutter can build up because as the years pass more and more items are added to the property. This is often the case in the kitchen. As a general rule, don’t store anything ontop of your kitchen cupboards and have only vital items on display on your work surfaces.

For example, these accessories add colour to scheme and this kitchen is clutter free.

how to style a holiday home   clutter free styling a vacation rental

Having a beautifully styled holiday rental can earn you more. You will wow guests online, stand out from the competion and get them to book with you.

Check out how I can help you achieve this with a bespoke Styling Review from me.  This isn’t about ripping everything out and starting again, but working with what you’ve already got; recycling and upgrading! It won’t cost you as much as you might think.

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Let’s create some styling magic together!