How often do you sit and rack your brains, searching for content inspiration and ideas for your holiday home marketing? Things to write about in your blogs and to post on social media?

Are you usually sat at home in front of your laptop or PC when this brain-racking is taking place?

Then let me suggest a change of scenery.  Head to your holiday rental and you’ll be amazed how just being there provides a wealth of ideas and inspiration for content.

Look at what you do, see and feel with a fresh pair of eyes. And with your marketing head on!

What do you do when you first arrive?

Have a notebook and pen to hand. What exactly do you do when you first arrive.  Do you remove leaves from the front porch, is the first thing you do to check cleaning supplies, to bring the bin back?

Don’t over think it at this point. Behave how you normally would.  Write down every detail.

Last time I visited my cottage, here’s what I wrote down:
–  check key is in the key safe
–  read evaluation form
–  air the cottage
–  sort the recycling

The list goes on.

Take pics as you go

Again don’t over analyse just snap away.  You don’t need any professional looking,  arty-farty, correctly lit shots for this purpose,  just pictures taken on your phone, as you go about the above tasks.

Even a picture of the window open can be used on social media with a comment such as “Look, airing the cottage for our next set of guests”.

A snap of an empty wine bottles in the recycling box can be turned into content.  Post it with a comment such as “Was this enjoyed in the garden, I wonder, or in front of the fire?”.

You’ll be surprised at how even the simplest and most mundane task can be used for content.  What you think is boring and even obvious, your social media followers may not.  It’s such behind the scenes detail that they love.  It shows your human, imperfect side almost.  Not to mention it shows them the work that you have to do, they may not even have thought about, to get your holiday cottage ready between guests.

A picture of your evaluation form or visitors book is perfect social media content too. You could even use this for blog content. “What my guests did in August” (although you’d want to use a better SEO title than that!) Something like “5 recommended places to visit in Yorkshire in summer” would be better.

Don’t post everything at once

You need to spread out this on-site content on social media and not post it all at once.  Of course anything seasonal will need to be posted at the relevant time but that will not apply to all content.  Using Dropbox is a quick and efficient way to move images from your phone to your laptop or PC.  You’ll need to download the Dropbox app on your phone, then go into your gallery and select the photos you want to store in Dropbox, then move to Dropbox.  It still keeps them on your phone (or it does for me).

How does being at your holiday home make you feel?

As well as what you actually do when you’re there, how does being at your holiday home make you feel.  Once you’ve got the aforementioned routine tasks out of the way, take a moment to assess this.  Look at your holiday home with a fresh pair of eyes; the eyes of a guest.  Get inside their head – what it would be like to be your guest right now, sitting where you are.

If you’re sitting on the sofa with a cuppa, how do you feel?  How would you feel knowing that you’ve got a holiday ahead of you. Excited? Relaxed as you can at last start to unwind? Raring to go as there’s so much to do in the area?

Capture the first words that come into your head.  Look too at your visitor’s book for what guests have written. What words have guests used. These emotions and feelings are powerful and must be used in your marketing.  Tell guests this is how they’ll feel and give examples of why they will feel relaxed, why they should be raring to go as there’s X, Y, Z to do on the doorstep.

What else is going on in your area?

While you’re there take the opportunity to find out what’s happening in your area over the next few weeks.  Find ideas from those free local magazines that will have been posted in your letter box. What event is being advertised on the church or corner shop’s notice board?   This is your chance to find out the smaller detail, that you may not be able to find online

Ideas for content are closer than you think -often right under your nose!  Your holiday home is a mine of inspiration so use it!