So you want to get more bookings.

And you know that having a beautifully styled holiday rental will attract more guests and get you those bookings.

But you tell yourself that you haven’t got the time or the money to put towards styling and interior design.

Well, think again!

Has your current décor scheme has been pulled together with no real plan; it’s just happened?

Have you tried to make changes with new accessories, that look ok, but they haven’t really added the impact you’d hoped and expected?

Are you frightened of wasting time and money on styling and getting it wrong?

Do you know that you don’t possess an interior design bone in your body?


Then I can help you


Can you imagine ….

How fantastic it would be to be the proud owner of a beautifully styled and presented holiday home

Your property standing out from the crowd online as it wows guests and they can’t wait to come and stay with you

Other holiday home owners looking at your property with envy and wondering how you achieved such an amazing look

Creating this with small changes and tweaks that will not have cost you a fortune to achieve (far from it!)

No More….

Wasting money on furniture, paint or accessories that don’t add any impact to your scheme.

Bland spaces that lack impact, each space will be special and interesting

Incohesive, randomly put together décor schemes

Sitting back and making do!

Are you ready to be given the secrets behind interior design, the shortcuts to success?

Do you want to learn how to style on a budget? How to present your holiday home so it stands out from the masses?

Most people have no idea about the simple tricks, hints and tips that you can implement to style your holiday home.

After working with me you will have the inspiration, the advantage, the edge and boy will you make this count.

It’s time to stop being bland and blending in with the crowd.

Time to present and style your property so it stands out from the crowd and gets you more bookings.


Why Listen To Me

I’m a qualified Home Staging and Styling Professional and I took my own holiday home from bland to wow, on a small budget. I home staging techniquesachieved a 5* Gold Visit England rating.

I have an eye for design (you either have it or you don’t).  Show me a space and I can immediately see what’s working and what needs to change.

Working with me is not about ripping everything out and starting from scratch.  It’s about starting with what you’ve already got and building a cohesive, stylish scheme from there.

The end result is to gain the appearance of more space, less clutter, more style and better colour coordination.

Karen from The Business of Holiday Rental


Working with me 1 to 1 you will get 100% of my styling attention on your holiday home. You will get 1 to 1 styling advice for only £149. Or you can pay in two monthly installments of £75 or 3 installments of £50.

It will include:
  • An hours chat, so I can gather ideas and get to know you and your holiday home well.
  • I’ll then go away and do some research and thinking about what will work for your holiday home and what you need to do next.
  • Then I’ll deliver my bespoke, step-by-step, easy to follow advice in a video recording that you can keep and refer back to, forever!
I’ll cover:
  • what changes you need to make for maximum impact, such as room layout and how to make the room feel bigger
  • which features of your rooms to play up (or play down) and how to do that
  • how to add the overall wow factor so your holiday rental sells itself
  • the importance of a cohesive colour scheme and which colours you should be using;(think Farrow & Ball look on B&Q prices!)
  • how to select and add accessories with specific recommendations just for you. (I’m a fan of Next, Matalan and TK Maxx for homeware so it won’t cost the earth!)
  • where to prioritise any spending (and where not!)
  • how to achieve maximum styling impact on minimum budget
Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the timescale?
Once I’ve receive your payment I’ll be in touch with you to arrange a time and a date for our chat.  I then need 10 days after this initial call to put some styling ideas and advice together and to record your bespoke video.

How do we chat?
I like to use Skype or Google Hangouts. If you haven’t used these before, I can talk you through the set up or we can chat over the phone.

What do you need from me before you can get to work?
I need pictures please – as many as possible, or a link to images on your website. If you have a video of your holiday rental that would really help (professional or done by you it doesn’t matter).

What happens after receiving my styling tips and advice?
The video recording is yours to keep forever.  You don’t have to implement everything straight away or even at all. That’s entirely up to you. Depending on the advice, most of it should be easy to carry out by you, minimising any downtime for your holiday home.

This is your chance to get your holiday home looking amazing, once and for all, by someone who knows the styling secrets you need to adopt. Someone who knows how to achieve this on a budget. Because I’ve done it many times!

After payment I’ll be in touch to arrange a time to have our first styling chat and for me to start fact finding! I for one can’t wait!