These essential, non-essential items to put in a holiday home’s kitchen are items that guests will use regularly at home. But items they wouldn’t expect to find in a holiday rental.

Non-Essential as guests can still cook and prepare food without them.

Essential as they add value to your guests holiday experience.


This list is by no means exhaustive but I compiled it using my experience as a holiday home owner, listening to my guests and also my experience as a guest in others’ holiday rental properties.  Plus the items are available everywhere, aren’t expensive and don’t take up a lot of space in your kitchen cupboard.

Here I talk through my list:

So, my top 10 essential, non-essential items to put in a holiday home’s kitchen are:

1. Pizza trays and cutter

2. Salad servers

3. Flask

4. Oil/vinaigrette pourer

5. Grater

6. Toast rack

7. Hand blender

8. Fruit bowl

9. Scales

10. Wok

This is of course in addition to the ample supply of quality glasses, cups, crockery, cutlery, dishes, pans, bowls and utensils that you are already providing “as standard”.

items to put in a holiday home's kitchen       items to put in a holiday home's kitchen

I’d welcome your comments and if you had to compile such a list, what items would you include?

Tweet me your suggestions @holrentalbiz or post on my Facebook page TheBusinessofHolidayRental. I’d love to hear from you.

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