Doing anything yourself involves your time.  You need to value your time.

It’s a resource as we know only too well, is not infinite.

In all aspects of running your holiday home business, you have a decision to make, about the value you put on your time. And how best it can be spent.

To me, as someone who is now used to paying for help, used to getting experts in their fields to help me in my business; I value my time very highly. I know how my time is best spent.

There are parts of my business that others can do more efficiently and effectively than me.  On the flipside, I have areas of expertise and parts of my holiday home business that I wouldn’t pass to anyone else. Areas only I can do, such as the styling, designing and updating my website, guest liaison and writing my e-newsletters.  I’m selective.

It wasn’t always that way. I used to do everything myself.

I used to do all the cleaning, laundry and welcome hamper provision myself. There’s this idea that if you do the cleaning then it’s free; there’s no cost to the business. But there is. Your time is not free. Time that could be much better spent on building relationships with past guests, writing valuable social media posts, writing blogs, attending local network meetings.

I now have a housekeeper/cleaner, a local company doing my washing and ironing and a lovely local baker who delivers my welcome hamper goodies and other ad hoc support as and when I need it.

I’ve also paid for business support and advice to save me time, to get me to where I want to be: quicker.

When I first started working for myself 10 years ago, fitting my job around young children. I worked as a freelance office manager.

Yikes, I no longer had the support of an IT department, Marketing Department, Finance Department etc, as I’d been used to in my corporate job. For the first time I needed to market myself and find new clients. How was I to do that?

I researched and I read. I wanted to absorb and take on as much advice as possible and I needed to teach myself new skills.  How many hours did I waste trying to find what I needed in Google? Looking back – too many to count!

value your timeI remember the first time I paid for help. It was a £19.99 e-book about attracting new clients for the newly self employed ( I can’t remember the exact title).  Although that was exactly what I was looking for, I was reluctant to spend that £19.99.  Surely I could do this myself.  Why, when it was being given all I needed, in one place? It was my fast-track.

How many more hours would I need to spend searching in all sorts of different places. And no doubt hitting some dead ends, looking for the same information that was in this e-book.

I spent £19.99.  Was it worth it – heck yes!  It was everything I hoped it would be and my business leapt forward.  That £19.99 got me my first client.

As soon as I began to see such spend as an investment, not an expense, it was liberating, not to mention business building!

After that first purchase, I invested again.  I don’t advocate buying for sake of it, but if you see a product for sale that you know will help you and your business. Then go for it. Invest!

Likewise if an expert is offering you a service that will free up your time as a result, then go for it!

An investment in you as the business owner, is an investment in your business.

All businesses need investment to grow.

How do you pay for it? Sometimes it might mean paying for help, before you pay yourself.  Having a bigger picture and a mid to long term view is what will ultimately grow your business.  Most successful business owners will tell you that. Focussing only on the short term keeps you stuck.

You can’t do it all alone. Well you can, but it will take you longer to get your business to where you want it to be and your precious time will not be well spent.

Once you realise help is yours for the taking, it’s liberating.  It’s like a breathe of fresh air blown into your business; blowing away the cobwebs. Leaving you rejuvenated and revitalised. Knowing that every hour you now spend on your business will be super-focused and super-productive.  Because it’s the stuff you do best; the stuff that will push your business forward once you start to value your time.


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