When it comes to providing guests with facilities and extra touches and attention to detail, then the more the better.

But there are times when the old adage “less is more” applies.

Is it really necessary to stock your holiday rental with items that serve no purpose? That clutter up the place? That cause guest frustration?  

I’ve had first hand experience of this and wished the owner had practiced the “less is more” principle.

less is more - too many corkscrews

Kitchen Clutter

Yes, stock your kitchen well, as well as you would that of your own home, but do not clutter it up.

Is there really any need to provide 5 corkscrews? Talk about cluttering up the kitchen drawer.  Also, frustratingly, not all of them worked! Get rid of the kitchen clutter!


Too many books - less is more


Is it really necessary to have 3 full book cases in a holiday rental (here’s just one of them). You would have to be staying for over two years not two weeks to work your way through them all.

Yes offer a varied selection for guests to enjoy. But do not over do it.

Don’t stock your holiday rental with books merely because you as an owner cannot bear to give them away once you’ve read them.  Less is definitely more!


less is more - too many mirrors

An Owner’s Collection of …

… small mirrors (in this case).  The master bedroom was the chosen room in which to display these and you can see three of them here. There were 10 in total!  But this is too personal; a holiday home owner must  depersonalise.  Just because you love your collection of whatever it may be, it doesn’t mean your guests will. And that matters.  Yes please to one mirror over the dressing table and one full length mirror in a bedroom, but that’s it!

Owner Recommendations

It’s always tempting to share all you know and all there is do to in your area, but pages and pages and pages of such information isn’t really helpful. Again less is more.  Provide a summary of THE best places to visit and things to do. Do the hard work for your guests and choose the best.  We were only staying for one week and just felt overwhelmed with all the information provided.  We wanted a summary of personal recommendations; the highlights of what the area had to offer.

When it comes to clutter, personal posessions and information overwhelm, less is definitely more!