It’s frustrating isn’t it.

You spend time and effort on your holiday home’s marketing.

Despite your marketing efforts on your website, on social media and paying to

list,  the bookings just aren’t coming in.

You’ve hit a brick wall.  You’ve lost your marketing mojo.

So what should you do?

Firstly don’t panic

You’re not alone we all go through wobbles and quiet periods where bookings seem to be out of our grasp.

Is this due to the time of year?

Do you have any data or information to hand that suggests at this time last year you were in exactly the same position?   Keep a journal of when bookings are made, so when next year comes around you’ll know not to panic.

You do have to be more proactive in the low season as fewer guests are looking to take holidays. Ensure you embrace this time of year and what’s great about it.  Sell the benefits of a stay with you during the off-peaks season – quieter roads, autumnal/winter walks, cosy pubs, log fires, wrapped-up strolls along deserted beaches.

There’s more info in this blog on how to be more proactive >>> How To Get More Bookings In Low Season

And even if you’re heading into the warmer months, it doesn’t automatically mean you’ll be fully booked. Not yet anyway!

Secondly reflect

What’s worked in the past?

Do you know where past guests found you?  Was it via word of mouth recommendation, did they find you on Twitter, was it your listing on Elite Cottages? Do your research.  Go back to your guests and ask them.

If you’ve been using social media do you know which of your posts get the most engagement? Look at your insights/analytics and post more of these posts!

Is your online presence as strong as it could be? Are you active regularly on social media, or just sometimes?

Review your social media bios to ensure they’re still relevant and up to date.  Are all the links on your website working? Could the copy be tweaked to make it more enticing. Are the photo’s you’re using the best you’ve got?

Thirdly take charge

What could you do that you’re not currently doing? Maybe you had an idea or wanted to try something new but it was too time consuming or you’ve been putting it off, because…. Because?  Now’s the time to:

  • get active on and get to grips with that new social media platform. The one where you know your guests are hanging out.
  • find new ways to get fresh eyes on your website. For example paid advertising via Facebook ads, promoted Tweets or run a competition
  • learn a new skill. Such as how to send out an e-newsletter to past guests, using a platform such as Mad Mimi
  • start blogging and adding fresh content to your website. This will help you get found on Google and also provide future guests with a valuable resource of what to do on holiday with you.

So when you’re marketing mojo has gone missing don’t worry and don’t wallow in it. Take a step back, take time to reflect but then take action!