How to make Easter special for your holiday home’s guests

Let’s assume that there won’t be any quarantine in place in the UK and all Easter bookings will be going ahead. After all the doom and gloom in the media, a holiday will be just what your guests need!

These 5 things will make your guest’s Easter holiday with you more special.

1. Leave Easter gifts

As well as your usual welcome tray, leave an Easter-themed gift.  When it comes to Easter eggs, avoid Cadburys and what the supermarket offers.  Is there a local baker or chocolatier you could buy from. Think hot cross buns instead of scones.

Get the welcome hamper looking good and it’s very likely they’ll post about it on their social media. I know the two pink bunny chocolate egg cups pictured below, were seen by many friends and family last year.

Leave spring flowers such as tulips, hydrangeas and daffodils dotted around the place.

2. Decorate your holiday home

Don’t go over the top – but you can pick up good quality Easter decorations cheaply in TK Maxx (or you forget about it for this year and buy in the sales for next Easter?).  Look what a difference this little yellow chick makes to the eggs in the welcome hamper. He cost 10p. So you don’t need go over the top or spend a lot.

make Easter special holiday homes guests

3. Create an Easter egg trail for the children.

Write out some clues and hide them around your holiday let.  Leave clue number 1 on your welcome hamper, with details of where you’ve hidden clue number 2 etc.  Leading to the final prize.  Do you remember doing this as a child and how exciting it was?

4. Find out about church services

Ideally you’ll know before arrival if your guests want to attend church over Easter.  It’s something you can find out from them during the booking process.  If not, better to be prepared and have details in your holiday home of local church services, dates and times just in case.

5. Easter Events

Take time to find out what’s taking place in your area, depending on the age and the interests of your Easter guests.  Ok your guests could look this up themselves. But you know the area better than they do, you know some of the smaller events that are taking place, you know what to recommend.

It’s likely you’ll have children staying over the Easter hols. Are there any farms open with spring lambs, bunnies and chicks for petting? Yes, I admit it, adults love that sort of thing too, me included!

Five extra touches to make your guests Easter stay feel that little bit more special. And all easy to do.

Happy Easter!