Boutique hotels are synonymous with stylish interiors, attention to detail, personal touches and great customer service and therefore attract high-end guests.

Here are some tips I use, to make my holiday home feel like a boutique hotel:

So what if we went one step further and delivered what our guests would not expect from a holiday rental?

Guest Toiletries

make my holiday home feel like a boutique hotelEven basic hotels provide guest toiletries.  Whether you leave travel sizes; one set per guest, one set per booking or larger sizes in the shower, it’s up to you.  But I do advocate using local products.  Speak to local suppliers, local soap manufacturers and see what they can offer you. You should be able to get trade prices, so adding this extra touch won’t cost much.

The Fluffiest Towels and Bathrobes

how to make my holiday home more like a boutique hotel

Do not skimp on the thickness and fluffiness of your towels.  This is one area where you will be judged!

Leave out one bath sheet and one hand towel per bed (even if your guests will not be using all the beds). Also leave a hands towel in any cloakroom and  in the kitchen.

Why not offer bathrobes and slippers too and get your logo printed on them?

A Concierge

From the moment your guest gets in touch, you need to position yourself as someone who cares about their holiday experience, who is on hand to answer any questions. Once they book, turn it up a gear and encourage them to ask you questions and make recommendations on what to do while on holiday with you. A dialogue with your guests gives you an opportunity to gather information too and to find out their interests.  You’ll need to know this so you can provide a personalised holiday itinerary!

Cleaning Service

make my holiday home feel like a boutique hotelThe linen in hotels is changed daily and if guests want this service -offer it to them.  Don’t be afraid to charge extra for it (upsell!) or build it into the holiday price your guests pay.  More likely is that a mid-week change of towels and sheets will be required.  Again this will provide your housekeeper or yourself with an extra source of income and provide guests with a boutique hotel service.


make my holiday home feel like a boutique hotel

Boutique hotels often have their own restaurant. Why don’t you offer food too?  Cook for your guests if you enjoy that and live nearby, or find a local company who will come to your holiday rental and either deliver meals or cook on-site. This is a service that guests will be happy to pay extra for.

Afternoon tea is popular at the moment so find a local bakers who will provide this for you.

By going that one step further and introducing some touches from a boutique hotel you’re putting yourself ahead of the competition and ensuring that your guests’ expectations are exceeded. Always worth striving for!

Make my holiday home feel like a boutique hotel – and now you how how to do just that!