In the warmer months our holiday home’s outdoor space becomes as important as the interior space. Whether it’s a city balcony or a country cottage garden. It becomes a key reason why guests would chose to book with you over a competitor.

Here’s how to make your holiday home’s outdoor space more appealing, get it working for you and get guests just desperate to book with you as result! In 3 Easy Steps.

1. Style It

Style your outdoor space, just as you would an interior space.   Firstly consider the look you are going for – country cottage, modern industrial, shabby chic, bright and colourful.  Then  dress it with furniture according to your chosen look.  Furnishings to consider are:

Seating – provide enough outdoor seating for the number of guests you accommodate.  A wooden dining set on the patio as a minimum.  If you have space in another part of the garden consider adding some additional seating. This could be a bistro set in the shade of a tree (bistro sets work great on small balconies too because they are space-efficient) or a rattan seating set.  Here are UK high street examples from Dunelm Mill.

maximise your holiday home's bookings  maximise your holiday home's bookings

Accessories – lights, candles, cushions all to match your theme. Take these £9.99 cushions from Homebase. The floral and plain green would work so well in a country garden theme, where the chevron and coral and blue cushions would work well in more modern scheme (and what a great price).

maximise your holiday home's bookings

And these solar powered outdoor fairy lights from Tesco create the perfect atmosphere when the sun starts to go down.

Tesco fairy lights

Keeping Warm – In cooler climates such as the UK, extend the time your guests are able to spend in your outdoor space by providing heating. Either a gas powered heater or consider a fire pit or fire basket. Guests can burn your supply of logs outdoors instead of indoors!  This fire basket is from The Range:

Fire basket from The Range

maximise your holiday homes bookings

2. Photograph It

Invest in some professional photographs of your outdoor space.  Take them during early summer when the outdoor space is flourishing.  Get close ups taken of the flowers, of your seating and accessories as well as general shots of the garden and shots with views from your balcony in the background. Stage the photographs, set the scene. Get guests to imagine themselves there, as if they’ve just walked out of shot. Use props such as fizz and wine glasses, garden swings, bowls of olives, children’s garden toys and plan the shots you want in advance to get maximum value from the photographer being there. It goes without saying that all clutter needs to be cleared before the camera comes out.

3. Market It

Once your garden is looking amazing and ready for guests to enjoy,  shout about it in your marketing (on your website and on social media).

Sell the benefits that your outdoor space brings to your guest’s holiday. Don’t just mention it as a feature, as part of the list of facilities your holiday home offers.

Instead tell guests how  your outdoor space will enhance their stay with you.  What can they see in your garden? What can they hear? What can they smell? What can they touch? What can they do?   Avoid bland statements such as “you can sit outdoors on the patio”, “we have a lovely cottage garden”, “the view from our balcony is amazing”.

Instead get guests imagining themselves there.   Play on their emotions, use phrases such as “imagine if…”, “how amazing would it feel to …”, “how would you like to…”

Ideas for your copy:

“Imagine watching the sun set, just the two of you, while swallows dive overhead, before turning on the outdoor lights, lighting the fire and bringing your evening to a close under the starlit sky.”

“Imagine watching the children play on the garden swings, while you pick some mint from the herb garden to add to tonight’s supper, then putting the children to bed, popping the cork and unwinding. With another day ending your thoughts turn to the excitement that tomorrow will bring”

“Imagine the only sound you can hear is birdsong as you sit on the patio, relaxing with a gin and tonic, and your children’s laughter as they play giant snakes and ladders on the lawn.”

To maximise your outdoor space to maximise your holiday home’s bookings these 3 steps must be done in this order.

If you feel that styling just isn’t your thing and you want to take your holiday home from styling woe to styling wow, then I can help you.  Book a Styling Review with me. Let me cast my expert styling eyes on your property.

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Let me tell you what you need to do to get it looking champagne on a lemonade budget!