SCUMP time – that’s what!

SCUMP time for me, is a couple of days booked out of the availability calendar, every few months to tackle Sorting, Cleaning, Updating, Maintaining, Painting in more detail. And I’ve set aside a few days the beginning of June to do just that.

Tasks that are all part of the weekly housekeeping checks between bookings (well, maybe not painting).  But as we know time is tight then; we only have a limited amount of time before the next set of guests arrive.

I look forward to SCUMP time.  It takes the pressure off me during changeovers, knowing that my SCUMP time is booked in.

[bctt tweet=”Setting specific time aside to give your holiday rental your full attention helps you and your guests.”]

So let’s get SCUMP ing!


Take a methodical room by room approach.  Start in the kitchen and inspect and tidy the contents of the kitchen drawers, cupboards and shelves.   Remove any broken or damaged items.  In the crockery cupboard thoroughly check each item to see if it’s chipped, if so replace it. Check pans and utensils for damage and signs of wear.

glasses cabinet in a holiday rental need sorting

Children’s toy boxes often get hurriedly put away but take time to inspect each item and sort and re-organize.   The same goes for any baby equipment you provide such as cots and highchairs.  Are they still safe and suitable for your young guests?  Is there a new toy craze that youngsters would be delighted to find at your cottage?

Don’t forget box games. Whether for grown ups or children these are a popular holiday activity so look through each one and ensure all the pieces are there and do the same with jigsaws. Bin and replace (charity shops are a great source) if necessary

Check batteries in all smoke alarms, remote controls and alarm clocks – are they still working?

Sort through any first aid boxes, bits and bobs tins and ensure all items are within their use by date or are indeed still there! And replenish.


A deep clean. Take down the curtains, take off the throws, cushion covers, mattress and pillow protectors, and loose sofa covers and take to the dry cleaners.  Don’t forget the rugs and carpets, get these professionally cleaned or do it yourself with a carpet cleaning machine.  Also clean windows inside and out to allow the early summer sunlight to flood in!

cleaning advice for holiday home owners

SCUMP time is that time to clean inside all your cupboards, under cushions, under sofas, behind dressers, under and behind fridges – you name it, you deep clean it!


Refresh your stock of books and replace with more recent publications.  For DVDs and CDs take time to check they are not scratched and are stored in the correct cases. Refresh and update with more recent releases to show your holiday rental is up to speed with the latest trends in music and film.

update books regurly and is a priority in my holiday rental

Also take time to review and update your welcome folder.  Are the appliance manuals all relevant and are your instructions on how to work the TV, the dishwasher, what to do on bin day etc still correct and meaningful?  Information folders on what to do in the area need to be refreshed too, so visit your local tourism office and pick up a set of summer brochures and booklets.

Look through the wording and images on your website. Put some outdoor and some summer images on your website, (a glass of wine on the patio is always popular).  Ensure your cottage descriptions are up to date as well as prices and availability.  Why not add 2016 prices now too?


Carry out the non-urgent repairs and maintenance jobs now while your holiday rental is empty. Book workmen in advance during your SCUMP time if necessary.  Check gutters are clear, the roof tiles are intact, that dodgy light switch is seen by an electrician; all to reduce problems occurring when guests are actually there.  A proactive rather than a reactive maintenance plan is the best approach.


A freshen up – in particular heavy duty areas such as the lobby, kitchen and stairwell.

For me, I know a whole repaint will not be necessary but take time to look at each room critically. Is the paintwork looking a bit tired? What would guests, who are seeing it for the first time, think of it?   If the task’s too big for you then book the decorator for your chosen window of time.

Just think

All this sorting, cleaning, updating, maintaining  and painting is undoubtedly time consuming and yes, it means booking valuable dates out of your calendar. But think of the peace of mind it brings; knowing that everything’s in order and that you will be presenting your holiday rental to your coming guests in its best possible condition.

Afterwards I’m always pleased I made SCUMP time a priority in my holiday let.  I then allow myself  to take a well earned break with my feet up!

priority in my holiday let then take a break