What will help your holiday home stand out, show off its uniqueness and

ultimately get you more bookings?

A promotional video for your holiday home – that’s what!

Here’s a guest blog from Jamie, a freelance filmmaker and owner of Copperwheat Films to tell you more. promotional video for your holiday home

My move into making promotional videos for holiday properties started about six years ago when I was going to ask my wife to marry me. We were looking for a holiday cottage to stay in and had done lots of Googling. I obviously knew that this would be the place I was going to propose so had good reason to make sure the one we chose was special.

After a lot of Googling, looking through photos and reading reviews we came across a property in Shropshire which stood out to us…and it had a video! We watched it together and were totally convinced by it. Yes, good photos are brilliant (and pretty standard now) but watching the video meant we could see things move.

We could see the wind in the trees, the log burner flickering, the horses grazing in the field. And hear the sounds of the countryside, the crackle of the fire and we felt totally immersed in it all.

We could imagine ourselves there in a way that photos simply couldn’t do and right there and then we booked.

promotional video for your holiday homeThe holiday was amazing, we got engaged and are now married (hooray!)… all because of video! (not really!)

My decision to move into making my own promotional videos for holiday properties came years later. I was asked to film a friend’s holiday home for a charity raffle. I realised quite quickly that this was something I really enjoyed.

Why holiday properties in particular?

I found the experience of capturing all the unique and quirky features really interesting, and speaking with the family to understand all the things that make their property special is something that I have continued to do now I’m doing these videos more regularly.

I was told all the inside knowledge of where the nicest beaches were, the quickest way to the woods and soon realised how valuable these things were to potential guests. Are there local shops? Where’s the nearest beach? What’s in the local area for my family to do?

I knew that I didn’t just want to make cold and clinical property videos (which some out there are) but instead I wanted to make videos that really captured the unique character of the property and the local area.

How does the process work?

Now this may sound really appealing to owners of holiday properties but they may also be worried about the amount of work they need to do before hand – ‘Yes, we’d love to have a  video like that but it’s probably a bit of a hassle.’

A really important feature of my work is  to make it easy as possible for people who are already very busy running their business.

After asking for some initial details about the property and any specific ideas about the video from the owners, I’ll do the rest…that’s it. Really. promotional video for your holiday home

I’ll stay at the property itself for a couple days (with my own sleeping gear to save you any work) while I film inside, outside, the local area and any specific places requested. I’ll then pull it all together in an edit with a script I’ve written (and checked with the owners) and I’ll have the completed video finished within a few weeks of filming.

You can also then keep the raw footage to use for future social media posts to get the most out of your investment.

So in a nutshell – I’ll come and go, with you barely even knowing I’ve been and you’ll have a film and a library of usable footage within weeks. The films are made with high quality camera gear so that your investment won’t become outdated any time soon.  And will continue to set you apart for years to come.

It really is that simple. All the films are totally bespoke. Owners can have as much or as little input as they would like (including featuring in the film itself!). But more often than not, I’ve not even met the owner. I’ve just let myself in and got on with it!

Prices start at £750. There may be an extra cost if you are particularly far away or would like more than one property included.

So that’s me. I make films that will help your property stand out, show off its uniqueness and ultimately get you more bookings. You never know – you may even get an engagement!


Here’s a little bit more about Jamie:

I’ve been making films since I was a child and have been freelancing for a number of years now.

I live in Bedfordshire, am married to Anna and I’m Dad to Poppy (3) and Max (6 months). I’m a freelance filmmaker (www.copperwheatfilms.co.uk/property) and also work for a local Children’s Mental Health Service as Media and Marketing Manager. My work is very varied but I love it

Feel free to email me at info@copperwheatfilms.co.uk if you want to get in touch or if you’d like more information.