Are you just starting out as a holiday home owner? Unsure what you need to do? Then this page is for you.

I know it’s an exciting time and that it can be overwhelming too.

So many decisions to make – how to furnish and style the property, how to advertise and market it,  how to price it, how to be a holiday home owner, not to mention the systems you’ll need to set up for taking payments, bookings and organising the changeovers.

I want to help you build solid business foundations. This is what will determine your future growth and make you more money.

No point going off and doing something now only to regret it in a year’s time and to have to start all over again.

On this Starting Out page, I’ve included the things you need to think about and be doing right now.  If you do nothing else

Dive into my blogs full of advice and ideas.  Download as many of my starting out freebies as you need.  From only £14.99 my off-the-shelf classes are written to solve specific problems I know new owners are facing.  Or if you want to fast-track check out my Working With Me 1 to 1 services.

Whatever level of help and support you need as you start out on your journey to holiday home success, I’m here!

Karen from The Business of Holiday Rental


Starting Out Blogs

Do I Need A Business Plan?

No, you don't need a holiday home business plan. (Unless you're looking for finance from a bank, and that's a different thing altogether.) Not the type of plan that springs to mind when you say 'business plan':  a tedious, stuffy, rigid, form filling, business plan....

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How To Have Your Cake And Eat It

Can you successfully rent out your second home and still holiday there yourself? Heck yes!  You can have your cake and eat it.  I for one should know! That's how I started out renting my holiday cottage. It was bought as a second home. And that's still very much how I...

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Getting Started With Your Holiday Let Website

I'm not a web designer. Nor would I describe myself as a techy person, but I can build a holiday let website. I can make it functional and make it look professional.   I can trouble shoot the smaller problems myself and make necessary changes to my website When I...

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How To Rent Out A Holiday Cottage When You’re New

At last it's ready! Your holiday let is ready to taking paying guests. How exciting and well done for making it this far. But now what? How do you rent out a holiday let when it's all new to you? Don't panic, you can do this! Here are some key questions to ask...

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Starting Out Freebies

When you enter your email address to grab one of my freebies, it will be added to my mailing list. That way you’ll receive my e-newsletters full of further tips and advice to grow your holiday rental business. And occasional emails on how I can help and support you further.   You can of course, unsubscribe at any time. Though I hope you don’t as I know what a valuable resource my newsletters are to hundreds of other holiday home owners.  Thanks for reading and enjoy your freebie download!  Karen

Beginner's Guide To Building A Profitable Holiday Rental

Free Support For Holiday Home Owners

If you’re wondering where to start. This beginner’s guide is the place.

Get 10 things you need in place as foundations of a profitable holiday rental business.

Download this beginner’s guide and get focus and clarity on where you need to spend your limited time and resources.    The 10 steps are easy to implement (and step 10 is so important).  Please keep that forefront in everything you do!

Grab your 10 Step Beginner’s Guide here:

The Definitive Guide To A Hitch-Free Changeover

free support for holiday home owners

Does the thought of managing changeovers fill you with dread?

How will you manage to do all that's required in such a small space of time? What if you forget something? What if you take too long?

Ditch the dread and worry; say hello to being organised, having a system and being in control.

Enter you details and get access to time-saving, easy-to-use, changeover checklists.  Putting you in control of your changeovers and not the other way round!

The Are You Ready To Take Direct Bookings Checklist

starting out as a holiday home owner

To take direct bookings and not rely on the big listing sites, do you know what systems and technology you need in place?

Work through 9 'Are You Ready To Take Direct Bookings' questions, answering 'yes' or 'no'. If you hit a 'no', listen to my videos included in the checklist.  Here I’ll explain why this step is important and what you need to do to put it in place in your business.

Get this flowchart and get the direct-bookings business backbone in place before you go any further.

Starting Out Classes


social media for holiday home owners

Have you started to dabble in social media? Set up some accounts, but unsure if you've done so correctly?

Are you already finding social media a time drain and just a tad frustrating? And wondering what the point of it is?

Perhaps you haven't even started with it because you're unsure how to get going?

Let me help you.

Let’s look at the different social media platforms (6 of them), their quirks, their advantages, their disadvantages.

Let’s decide which ones are best for you and your holiday home business. Spoiler alert - you don't need to be on all of them.

Over 2 hours of step by step tutorials to take you from optimising your account set up, to what to talk about, to having a system and purpose to your posts, to seeing social media as the valuable relationship-building, booking-boosting tool it is!

Grab this jam-packed, 8 lesson, holiday home owners-specific social media class and let's get you using social media efficiently and effectively and getting bookings as a result.

Click here to Stand Up and Stand Out on social media  for only £30:

Awesome E-Newsletters To Get You Noticed

enewsletters for holiday home owners

In this class I’ll show you everything you need to know to set up and run your own awesome e-marketing campaigns; that will get you noticed.  Nurturing business-building relationships with past and future guests, which will lead to more bookings.  No prior techy knowledge needed.

Using a free account with Mad Mimi, this class will explain and teach you step by step what a subscriber list is, a template, a sign up form, a freebie and importantly how they work together to grow your business.   Once you understand the steps needed, there will be no stopping you!

You'll have this powerful marketing tool at your fingertips, ready to use over and over again.

Click here to get this class for only £14.99:

Styling Tweaks To Get You More Bookings

learn how to style your holiday home

In this class I share my top tips and interior design secrets to styling a room, to get your property standing out, grabbing guest's attention and getting them booking with you (over the competition).

Learn how to do this on a tiny budget, by working with what you've already got, with no prior styling knowledge or experience needed.

Transform your interiors, amaze yourself with your new-found skills and wow potential guests.

And for only £14.99, get it here:


The 4 Ms download page

The 4 Ms are Mindset, Money, Makeover and Marketing.  Four building blocks that need to be in position to ensure growth and success for your holiday home business. Mindset: How you think, behave and approach your holiday rental business.  It runs through the very heart of everything you do and you run through the very heart of your business, so you need to get it right from the start. Money: You’re doing this to make money so you need to take stock of your expenses and know your figures and put targets in place. How to maximise your profits through your pricing structure. And how to ask for money in a non-icky way and other money issues such as whether to refund or not and taking security deposits. Makeover: Add the wow (who wants to be average?) to your holiday home by sharing in my home staging tips and techniques.  Often it’s tweaks, not spending that’s needed. I’ll show you how to best present your holiday home on a budget.  We also look at the extra touches you provide to make a guest feel welcome and their stay with you enhanced. So they come back for more! Marketing: You need jargon-free, easy to follow, quick marketing tips and techniques.  We’ll focus on your ideal guests and how to get your message seen and heard by them. Including how to use social media effectively and how to get your website working for you. Plus blogging and building your email marketing list (none of this is scary – I promise).

Plus you get everyday downloadable templates - booking form, evaluation form, terms and conditions, fire safety info, furniture checklist.

Get this 4 Ms class and put solid foundations in place before you go any further. And be super-ready to take your first set of paying guests and to turn your holiday home into a money-making machine! All this for only £30!


A Welcome Folder that's just a few bits of paper put together in a file isn't enough. It needs to be well presented, informative, help your guests settle in, answer their question and make them feel welcome!

But no point providing all this info if guests don't look at it, is there? You need to create a welcome folder that guests actually want to pick up and read, because it looks so bloomin' gorgeous.

In this class learn how to easily create your own professional, eye catching welcome folder.  I'll show you section by section what you need to include.  And teach you how to design it, using a free and easy to use editing tool called Canva.

Click here to access this class and create your own beautiful, value-adding, info-packed guest resource, for only £14.99:

Work With Me 1 to 1


help for holiday home owners

Are you ready to invest in you and your holiday home’s future? You're determined to make this work, to get it right from the start?

To create and build the holiday home business that you've dreamed of? No messing around?

You want to work with someone who can help you achieve your business goals, who'll keep you on track, who'll hand-hold you when you need it, but who'll gently but-kick you too, to hold you accountable and make sure you action what you need to.

Then my 1:1 VIP program is for you.  We'll work together for 3 month or for 6 weeks (you choose).


What questions do you have about setting up and running your holiday home? Shoot!

In this Starting Out Hour, you have 100% of my expertise, my energy, my ideas, my knowledge, my advice on you and your holiday home business. This will ensure you set sail and stay on course.  No veering off or being distracted with time-wasting activities and spend, that wont make any difference to the success of your new business.

This hour with me, is specific to what you need help with.  It's likely you want to talk about how to create a guest-worthy holiday home, where you should advertise it, what you need to provide for your guests, how you should take their payments and how to earn as much money from it as you possibly can?

Whatever you're struggling with, get your questions answered right now, get moving forward immediately, get bookings and get making money, much quicker!

For only £149, let's do this! Click here to grab your session:

Once payment has been made, I'll be in touch to arrange a convenient time for us to chat.  I prefer to use Skype or Facebook Video Messenger, but don't worry if you have neither. We'll find a system that you're happy with.  Please read through my <<Work With Me Terms and Conditions>> before commencing our time together.

Want to ask me something? Get in touch ...

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