Styling Tweaks To Get You More Bookings

Do you want to be shown the secrets to creating swoon worthy spaces?  Secrets at the heart of interior design, some of which won’t cost you a single penny.

You know that having a beautifully presented holiday home will make you stand out from the competition, grab guest’s attention and get them booking with you as a result.

Have you tried to style your holiday home but without any styling knowledge or design know-how the look you’ve had to settle for is “ok” when really you want “wow”?

Do you look online at other holiday home interior schemes with envy? You want your place to look as good, but how?

Well you’ve come to the right place!

“But I’m not artistic nor do I have a huge budget, so I can’t possible achieve stylish, desirable spaces” I hear you say.

What if I were to tell you that you can?

In this Boost Your Business class I’ll show you tips and tricks that YOU can do right now – no prior styling knowledge needed and no huge rip-everything-out-and-start-again spend needed either.

I’ll be focussing on the master bedroom one of the key rooms in your holiday home. This room is one of your key chances to impress guests and get them to book with you. The techniques and advice I share can be implemented in other rooms too.

In this 40 minute class I’ll be talking about

–          Your choice of furniture, what works, what doesn’t and how to upcycle

–          Creating a focal point in the room. Which can be achieved from as little as £20 and a pot of paint

–          How to choose the right colour scheme and select accessories to complement this

–          Adding luxurious yet inexpensive touches – that make all the difference

I’ll also be showing you some great (and some not so great) examples to illustrate these points and to bring them to life.

You don’t want to miss this Boost Your Business class. Don’t miss getting my styling secrets, advice and tips for ONLY £14.99

To access the class, after payment, please check your email for login details.