Super-Duper Charge Your Holiday Home’s Marketing

your holiday homes marketing


Do you want to master your holiday home’s marketing?



To boost your confidence and your skillset so direct

bookings become the norm?



And your revenue boosted as a result?



Yes!  But the reality is a bit different. You tell yourself:

I don’t know where to start on my budget. I love my holiday home and its area and I know how fabulous it is to stay there. But how on earth do I get that message across without taking out a full page ad in The Times.”

I’ve tried social media and it’s not workingIt’s a time drain. And I feel like I’m talking down a deep, dark hole most of the time, so what’s the point investing anymore time in it.”

Marketing is too hard. Market segmentation, sales funnels, lead magnet content marketing – I can’t get my head around all that jargon and what does it means to me as an independent holiday home owner.”

I’m not a techie person My lack of techie know-how will hold me back anyway. And I don’t have money to invest in anything new.”

So you stay stuck, with a promise to do something about it next week, month, year?


It doesn’t have to be this way.  I can help you. 

Join me and get the marketing tools, techniques and know-how that you need (‘cos they work), to super boost your own marketing, to get more bookings and to earn more.

By taking action and implementing the concepts and ideas I teach you in this program:

I guarantee:

** Your confidence in your own marketing skills will sky-rocket

** You’ll realise that the tech’s not hard; you’ll learn how to use it to boost your bookings

** You will stop wasting time on marketing activities that don’t work (as I only include stuff in this program that will!)

** You will know how to attract guests that just love what you offer and can’t wait to book with you

** You will save time as you’ll know how to put your marketing time to its best possible use.

FACT: If you don’t take action, then your marketing will stay as it is now!

Don’t worry if you haven’t taken an online course before. I’ve made it really easy.

There’s no such thing as getting left behind.  You can work through my workbooks and pre-recorded video tutorials at your own pace, revisiting each section as often as you need .

And no prior techie or marketing knowledge is needed before you join. I’ll explain exactly what you need to know, as we go and all jargon free!




What will this marketing program teach me?

Amongst other things, we’ll cover how to:

•           write your marketing message and get it in front of those people who will buy from you

•           use content marketing (blogging) to help you get found more in Google searches

•           maximise your social media time with time saving tips and techniques and a strategy

•           be confident with the necessary techie stuff

•           effectively use your lead magnet aka your freebie to grow your business

•           get YOU more confident in your abilities – little old me syndrome will be banished!

•           build and nurture relationship with past and future guests, growing your network and your business

super-duper charge your holiday home's marketing

Who am I and why listen to me?

I’m Karen Spencer, founder of The Business of Holiday Rental and I work with holiday home owners to get them releasing the potential in their holiday rental and running it as a successful business.  Helping you to get more bookings and to earn more, to enjoy the process of being a business owner too. I know what it’s like to face that uphill marketing struggle – I’ve been there. But I’ve come out the other side and I’m now sharing all this with you. I’ve made the mistakes, so you no longer have to! I am an experienced, quality holiday cottage owner.  On a budget, I took my cottage from bland to something rather special.  I now attract guests at the higher end of the market, who are prepared to pay for quality.  I’m earning the income I want to earn from my holiday rental and I can still use the property when I want to!



Here’s what other owners have said about this online course:

This course is packed with useful and very relevant information, broken down into simple and achievable steps. The clear structure used, together with a mixture of videos and workbooks is engaging, convenient and manageable.

Having the on-going support of the Facebook group and the live Q&A sessions has also proved invaluable. Being able to ask questions that are pertinent to your particular business within this new network has proved very beneficial.

Karen herself is clearly very experienced and knowledgeable and is always quick to respond with sensible practical advice. Her course has given me increased personal confidence and understanding as to how best market our holiday cottages and I have already seen improved results as a direct result of her guidance.  I would thoroughly endorse and recommend this course.

Lorraine, Cornwall

Karen’s programme is extremely informative around the key areas of holiday rental marketing including social media, web design and blogging. I would have struggled to navigate my way through the maze of options without her expert advice and friendly support.

Karen’s Facebook group provides a safe space to ask even the most basic question about the practicalities and technicalities of our business, as well as sharing experiences with other owners in a fun environment.

Although my journey towards direct bookings is a work in progress, I am already seeing positive results from Karen’s consistent guidance and motivation because it helps you focus on overcoming obstacles and getting the job done.

I would thoroughly recommend Karen’s programme for any holiday home owner wanting to generate direct bookings, at any stage of their development. It offers great value for money and makes seemingly impossible stuff achievable!

Annabel, Whitstable, Kent

I have found Karen’s instruction hugely helpful at a time when its easy to confused by the numerous marketing options and multiple advice out there. However, I feel more confident about moving forward and that I have a reliable and professional source of advice to turn to.

Bel S, Gower, South Wales

Hi Karen! This is just a quick thank you note, I have been using all of your marketing ideas and they are genius, I feel I am learning so much! I wish I had discovered you sooner!

Nicoletta, Sicily

Karen is an enthusiastic, knowledgeable holiday home coach – full of practical ideas that actually work! Not only have you produced excellent programmes and tutorials, that we have worked through at our own pace, but you have hosted regular group live videos , where participants can discuss , with you and other members, any particular concerns. I have found your advice invaluable- though I realise I still have a lot to learn.

Judith C, Suffolk

I’m working through Karen’s Super Charge your Marketing course which is full of really practical advice. That, combined with courses Facebook group of the same name where it’s great to interact with Karen and other holiday cottage owners, provides a really solid package of support for any holiday cottage owner. I highly recommend.

Suzanne, Swaledale, North Yorkshire

It consists of these 6 lessons:

Lesson 1 : Your Ideal Guest

This is super important. You want to attract the right people to your holiday cottage, you want people who don’t grumble about your pricing and who don’t destroy your beautiful property. It’s time to work out who is your ideal guest, what do they want from their holiday, what are their expectations, how can you meet their needs exactly, where are they looking for their holidays, where can you get your message in front of them.

Lesson 2 : Content Marketing

Content marketing – what’s all that about? Let’s call it blogging. Quite simply, it’s  a way of being seen by more people, showing off your knowledge of the area and a way of helping your ideal guest. What’s not to love about that. And you don’t need an English degree to get going. You need a keyboard and you!  Let’s talk how to do this and ideas for topics and titles.  Google will love you too with all that fresh content you’ll be adding to your website.

Lesson 3 : Email marketing

This little beauty is the most effective tool for you to stay in touch with your past and futures guests. Dropping into their inboxes regularly (after gaining their consent to do so) means they don’t forget about you.  This lesson will also show you how to set up the techy stuff in Mailchimp and Mad Mimi so you’ll be emailing like a pro before you know it.

Lesson 4 : Your Freebie

OK so you might think it sounds strange to give something away for free when you’re running a business. But there’s a reason for it.  Let me show you how this strategy can boost your business, why you should be embracing it, plus the techie stuff so guests can actually get their hands on it.

Lesson 5 : Social Media

Not just how to do social media (I can help you with that too) but how to use it effectively. How to get your message across, how to be strategic plus time saving tips, tricks and software.

Lesson 6: Being Visible

If you blend in then, guess what, you blend in. It’s time to be loud and proud about what you have to offer. Let me show you how to get seen by your ideal guests (no-one can book your awesome experience if they know nothing about it).  The importance of YOU coming out from behind your brand, the importance of videos and quality images in your marketing.

How is the program delivered?
The program content is accessed via the Member Login page on my website.  After purchase, you’ll be emailed a password and username. There are workbooks to download and work through, video tutorials and step by step guides with the techy stuff explained. You’ll be given immediate access to the program. All you need is access to the internet and a pc or laptop with speakers, so you can listen to the lessons. If you’re able to watch and listen to a YouTube video or watch BBC iPlayer then you’re good to go!

What’s the timescale?
You have lifelong access to all lessons. The material is yours to keep forever! You can work at your own pace and revisit a particular lesson and tutorial again.  

How much time will I need?
Each lesson lasts for approx 40 minutes plus you will need to allow time work through the concepts raised in each lesson and your next steps. The more work you do here, the better your results!

Do I need to have any technical or marketing knowledge?
No.  You will learn all the tips and techniques that you need during the program.

Do I need a website already?
No. But to get the most out of this marketing program you need to aim to set up your own website as soon as possible.

Do I need to spend any more once I’ve bought your marketing program?
No. I’m not going to say you now need to buy  X, Y, Z to put my marketing program into practice.  As mentioned you will need a website and that’s an investment in your business. But the techniques and tips I share in my program don’t need any expensive add-ons to put them into practice.


super duper charge your holiday home's marketing

The sooner you join, the sooner your marketing will be super-duper charged.

Click here to be part of it for ONLY £49:

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This program is for you if you’re …

* sick of having a mediocre, half hearted approach to your marketing.

* committed to making a change to your marketing and are prepared to put in some learning time to do that.

* an action taker.  No point buying this program and not doing anything with it.

* not wanting your marketing to stay the same as it is now.

* wanting to put a simple yet effective marketing strategy in place.

* ready to get your holiday rental business out of its marketing rut,  moving forward and earning you more.

And for only £49!

Let’s make now the time you gain the skills and take control of your marketing for 2020 and beyond!



If you would prefer to pay by bank transfer, then please email me:   After payment, please check your emails for login details to access the program.