There are so many tools, systems and apps available.

All claiming to help small businesses save time and money.

I’m all for that! 

With so much choice, how do you know which of these tools you should be using in your holiday rental business?

Are they worth it?

Do you need to be a tech-wizard to be able to use them?

Are any time-saving benefits going to be outweighed by the trial and error time spent testing them out? Only to find they’re no use to you?

Yep, I’ve been there several times!

Some tools I’ve investigated and trialled I just couldn’t see the point of, some too complicated and some too costly to justify using.

Here I share 5 time saving techy tools for holiday home owners that I’m loving right now

That are easy to get to grips with and not really that techie.   They all save me time and streamline my holiday home business. Check them out.


Canva is a super user-friendly, image editing tool. Upload your image, or select from their stock images, add your text, change the background colour, amend the size, the transparency. Many options allowing you to create images unique to you.

Perfect for creating blog header images and memes.

The basic account is free though Canva For Work for £10 a month is the bee’s knees as far as I’m concerned. At the click of a button you can resize your images, perfect for sharing on different social media platforms.


Buffer is a social media scheduling tool.  There are others that do so similar tasks, but I like Buffer because even the free version provides great functionality.

Link your social media accounts to your Buffer account, set up the schedule for when you’d like your posts to be sent and Buffer takes care of it for you. Having accounts such as Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus, Twitter all in one place saves you having to log into each separate account. Post to all, from one place.

The Buffer Chrome extension makes it easy to share via Buffer, content you come across while browsing the web. Just click the Buffer extension button to open up your Buffer account and select your social media platform(s).


Trello is like one big noticeboard, full of lists.  And it allows different members of your team to share and collaborate on projects. Perfect if you have a virtual assistant or a housekeeper.  Create boards eg one for each month, then a list on each board for each set of guests.  By logging tasks, notes and progress on these boards, each member of the team has uptodate information at their fingertips and can see what has been done and what needs to be done.

Also use Trello when you prepare the content of your e-newsletters.  Log your thoughts, tips, ideas and images in one place on a Trello board, as they come to you.   Ditto for organising your blogs and planning their content.


If you don’t have an online booking system to manage guest payments and you want to use some accounting software to manage this for you, check out QuickBooks.  I have experience of QuickBooks from a previous job and I’ve always found it easy to follow and user-friendly.  You don’t need an accounting degree to understand it!   And their help desk is great too.

This way you can email invoices for outstanding balances much quicker than preparing them yourself in Word or Excel. Also track payments into your bank account and expenses out.

Mad Mimi

Mad Mimi makes email marketing simple. Add your holiday home guest’s email addresses (make sure you have their permission to do so), create your e-newsletter and away you go.  Mad Mimi tracks your open rate and manages any unsubscribes for you, ensuring you meet data protection laws. It’s free for under 100 contacts so give it a go. Once you’ve sent one newsletter you can clone that template and use again and again.  Create lists so you can send different e-newsletters to different sections of your email list. A newsletter just for guests who’ve stayed before or for those who’ve said they’d love to come back for example.

Any tool, app or system that saves time and makes our job of running a holiday home business that bit easier I want to know about.

I recommend you check out my top 5 time saving techy tools and please share your own favourites in the comments box.