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In your holiday home do you have furniture that isn’t to your taste or simply doesn’t go with your decor scheme?

Initially you may think about getting rid, however don’t be too hasty, if it’s good quality furniture why not think about up-cycling it?

It’s cheaper to up-cycle than buy new.  Also older furniture is generally made better and has so much more charm.

The piece of furniture doesn’t have to be anything special as long as the quality is there. I have up-cycled so much pine furniture which started out as quite boring and very orange and made a massive difference to the overall look of a room or cottage.

If you are furnishing your holiday home from scratch, spend your main budget on good quality beds, sofas and flooring that will last.  And source second-hand furniture from auctions, charity shops and Ebay, etc. with a view to having it up-cycled or restored if necessary. Here, my client had bought a new sofa.  I then up-cycled and painted the coffee table and a nest of table in various shades of grey to fit with the scheme.

upcycle your holiday cottage furniture
You may quite like the idea of donning your overalls and up-cycling some pieces yourself?  If so, make sure you prep well so that your finish is good and stands up to the general wear and tear of a holiday cottage. Your guests may not look after your favourite pieces as you would so be sure to finish with a good quality varnish or wax.  Products have improved so much over recent years.

I often use a ‘dead flat matt’ varnish which is fantastic, especially when used over chalk paint. Here, I’ve used a wax over the top of a dark grey chalk paint on the shelves. I also included wax within the white wash on the table for resistance.

upcycling for holiday cottages chalk paint
Reloved furniture is individual, no two pieces will be the same unless you want them to be. You can mix your own paints and choose new handles and knobs. It’ll also give you a huge sense of satisfaction to give an old piece of furniture new life. If you need a little more encouragement, read these reasons to up-cycle your holiday cottage furniture:

• Go green – your guests will appreciate you doing your bit to save the planet!

• Keep old quality over new, modern furniture not made so well.

• Add character and charm to your property.

• Save money and up-cycle pieces yourself.

• Be unique! Use bright funky colours or keep it neutral, there are no rules.

• Mix painted furniture with natural wooden pieces and give your holiday home its’ own style. Make your holiday home stand out.

• If your holiday home is by the sea you can incorporate white-washed furniture into your scheme. It’s easy and cheap to do.

I have a small workshop at home although when I’m working on holiday homes I tend to work onsite. Once the decorators have finished I move in so I can get a feel for the new scheme. This helps when choosing colours and finishes. It’s pretty full on but I can get a lot done in a few days. And I get to stay in some lovely places, working in treats like walking on the beach and eating fish suppers in local restaurants!

Good luck and happy painting!

Jo x

Reloved by Jo
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