Are you using  video to market your holiday home?

It’s such a powerful marketing tool.  And it doesn’t require any fancy equipment or previous experience.

So why wouldn’t you use video to marketing your holiday home?

Is it because the very thought of it, sends you cowering into a corner?

Then you’re not alone.

You worry, what you look like, what you sound like. But does that really matter?

Is a guest going to chose not to book with you because you have more wrinkles than you’d like? Or that your voice doesn’t sound how you want it to sound?

Eh no!

But is a guest going to see you and like you and make a connection with you in a way she couldn’t by reading your copy or looking at your images?

Eh yes!

Because video shows the real you.   And that’s a good thing. It shows the real person.

Guests will be intrigued to see you. To see the person behind the beautiful holiday cottage that they’re thinking of booking (or have booked).

Video is a way of them getting to know you. Taking them one step closer to booking. And enhancing your relationship with them.

And not all video has to be face to camera.  Here are three types of video I recommend you make use of.

Face to camera videos

Before you break out into a cold sweat, I promise you these are not as scary as you think. Once you’ve done one, there’ll be no stopping you.
Talk into the camera as if talking to a friend.

You have the option of going live on Facebook and streaming directly onto your holiday home’s Facebook page. Once finished, the Facebook Live then sits as a regular video post of your page.

Or you can pre-record a face to camera video on your phone or use an inexpensive webcam plugged into your computer/laptop.

Choose a subject you feel comfortable talking about. Such as what’s so great about a local tourist attraction and why your guests must visit. Or talk about your top five village pubs.

A professional video

An investment; to truly showcase your property in a way that images alone can’t. Guests can get a feel for the room layout, see the spaces from different angles. It can feel more transparent and shows you’ve got nothing to hide.

Why don’t you make an appearance in this video? A quick intro from you would really set the scene.
Upload the video to YouTube, and keep posting and sharing it across your social media platforms.
(NB If adding a video to Facebook, your reach will be higher if you add the video directly into Facebook rather than post a YouTube link.)

Your own videos

With you behind the camera (aka your mobile phone).  For example, give a tour of your holiday home talking about your favourite spots and why. Film the local food festival, a sporting event, a panoramic view. Use a subject your ideal guests would be interested in and they’d find helpful. Showcase what your area has to offer via video, so guests just have to holiday there!

So what are you waiting for? Using video is nothing to be scared of and you don’t need lots of fancy equipment to get going.
When you appear in a video, guests get to see and hear the person behind the property, breaking the ice and helping them get to know you, taking them one step closer to booking.

Using video is all part of raising your visibility.  Plus having a video library is another way for guests to find you.  YouTube is a massive search engine, second to Google.

Being visible is about being loud and proud about what you have to offer. It’s about YOU coming out from behind your brand. 

If you want help (and dollops of encouragement) to start using video. And to start being braver and to stop hiding behind your business, then let’s talk. Book a strategy call with me.
Or as I call it an >> Action Hour<<
It’s you and me talking about your holiday rental business. You get 100% of my attention, individual to you. No point sitting there feeling stuck when you can reach out and get help.

Take Action now!