Your Welcome Folder – Design It Like A Pro

Create a professional, eye catching welcome folder.  One that your guests just have to pick up and read because it looks so bloomin’ gorgeous!

Let me show you how to do that easily and with minimum effort.

You may be thinking that your current welcome folder is OK.  Why bother changing it?  It does the job.  It contains plenty of useful information.

But why settle for OK when you can easily have awesome?

Does your current welcome folder say “Read Me”? And I don’t mean the label you’ve put on the front cover!

I’ve got to admit it, mine didn’t.  Not compared to the stunning welcome folder I have now. Talk about a coffee-table book!

And what a valuable resource it is for my guests too. It’s been de-cluttered. It’s clear, concise, easy-to-read and provides all the guidance guests need to make the most of their stay.

Create your own. Get your hands on this Design Like a Pro class now

In this class you’ll get:

5 step-by-step video tutorials, how to create a welcome folder that your guests will take notice of and you will be sooooo proud of.

I show my before and my after.  And what a transformation!

I’ll talk you through which headings you need to include and what info you can ditch.

You’ll soon see that you don’t need to be a graphic designer to achieve amazing results.

And you don’t need expensive photo editing and design programs either. I used Canva, a free and ever-so-easy-to-use design tool.

You’ll be Designing Like A Pro in no time. Just be prepared to be asked who your graphic designer is!

Answer guest’s queries, solve their problems, reduce their angst from the start.

Avoid them having to ring you with what’s already answered in the Welcome Folder, if only they’d have read it! With this new one – they will!

Buy now and reduce your guest’s frustrations and yours for only £14.99. Click here:


To access the class, after payment, please check your email for login details.