How do you know if you don’t ask?

In my experience on recent self-catering holidays in the UK, France and Italy, owners usually don’t bother to do this.

Talk about missing a trick.

Why wouldn’t you want to know your guest’s opinion.  What better way to improve your service and your product than to understand how your guests feel. What do they like or dislike? What’s missing, what could be improved?

Perhaps some owners don’t care. They’ve got my money, I get the keys for a week, then they move onto the next set of guests.  Not a great business model when we’re in the hospitality business!

Or perhaps these holiday home owners are scared to ask for feedback in case the floodgates open.  But burying heads in the sand doesn’t make any business sense.

Maybe they haven’t even thought about asking for guest feedback?

For me as a guest, not having a chance to feedback to the owner made a difference to how I felt at the end of my holiday.  It makes me feel a bit like a transaction, rather than a valued guest.

And who doesn’t like to be asked our opinion, it makes us feel important.

As owners keeping our guests happy is crucial to our future success as we want them to come back. And to tell their friends, family and colleagues about how amazing we are.

For your business, asking for feedback gives you the opportunity to nip any niggle in the bud,

before it escalates. A chance to improve your service and your product.

Wouldn’t you like to know if the dishwasher’s not working properly, that you’ve run out of matches to light the BBQ, that the patio door lock is sticking?

It’s so important to have the chance to solve these issues as soon as possible before they become more serious.  Maybe it’s the dishwasher door that’s not closing properly so a five minute fix with a screwdriver is all that’s needed. The next set of guests may lock themselves out because of that sticking lock, resulting in inconvenience and an emergency locksmith visit.  Your outdoor BBQ may be one of the reasons those guests chose you. And lack of matches, not a huge thing in itself, may ruin their evening if they then have to cook inside.

It’s when guests leave with a gripe when they’re most likely to write a negative online review.  And we need to do everything we can in our control to avoid that happening.

So what do your guests really think of you? Ask them!

The simplest way to do this is by creating a feedback form and leaving it in your holiday let.  Take the opportunity to ask about all areas of your business including your website and arrival info, not just about the holiday rental itself.

Stuck for what questions you should ask and how to word them?  Let me help you with that.

Ask the questions that matter. Get the info you need.   Click here and enter your name and email address to download this feedback form and start using it in your holiday rental business today:

what do your guests think of you


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