Knowing where to spend money in your holiday home; where you’ll get a return on that spend and the money is not just wasted, is an important part of being a successful holiday home owner.

By return on spend, I mean the items in your holiday home being fit for purpose and guests being able to use the facilities comfortably and as promised in your marketing literature. I also mean how great these items look in the images you use to market your holiday home.

You need to adopt savvy spending  – spending where you need to and not where you don’t!

Here’s where I recommend you prioritise your spending:

In the Bedroom

where to spend money in your holiday homeBuy the best quality mattress you can afford. You cannot underestimate the importance of giving your guests a good night’s sleep.  Also ensure curtains are fully lined or if not, use black out blinds as well as curtains, to ensure their sleep isn’t disturbed by pesky early morning light.  Buy plain cotton bedding, which is often less expensive than patterned (and looks better) and is easier for you to replace items when need be. The bedroom furniture is where you can save some money.  Look to purchase from oak warehouses (often cheaper than the high street equivalent). Oak is a good option because it fits with modern and more traditional schemes.

In the Living Area

A comfy sofa is a must, again like a mattress the most expensive you can afford and ideally with removable, washable covers.  Like in the bedroom, oak furniture fits most interior schemes. There’s no point having an expensive coffee table, it will get scratched just the same as a cheaper one and ultimately serves the same purpose.  Scatter cushions are a great way to bring a decor scheme together plus they add comfort. Supermarket chains have a great range of cushions and here’s where you can save. It’s amazing what you can get for £9.99.

In the Kitchen

The kitchen is traditionally an expensive room to furnish, but you don’t need to rip it all out and start again. Consider painting your base units (if the quality is OK). Focus instead of replacing the worktop if need be and adding some new taps and handles to give an immediate refresh.  where to spend money in your holiday home

I’d recommend you invest in quality pans as these will last longer than cheaper ones.  A matching white crockery set doesn’t need to be branded.  Just as long as there is enough provided for the number of guests you accommodate plus at least 2 more.

In the Bathroom

A white modern bathroom suite is a must and can be bought from a budget supplier eg Victoria Plumb.  The sanitaryware itself doesn’t need to be expensive.  Instead invest in quality fittings such as taps and the shower head. Tiles don’t have to be hard-to-look-after stone or granite, porcelain tiles work just as well.

Savvy spending tips:

Plan ahead and buy in advance when the sale is on, not when you need it.

Don’t be afraid of buying quality second hand furniture (as long as it meets British safety standards or equivalent).

Don’t think you have to furnish the whole room from quality shops such as John Lewis and Marks & Spencer. Budget chains and supermarkets have amazing homeware departments. Mix and match.

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