3 Reasons why your holiday home business needs an email list

But first what exactly is an email list?

It’s literally a list of email addresses, from people who have opted in to receive emails from you. It’s who you send your monthly e-newsletters to.

If you haven’t started to build your email list, here are the benefits and some tips for getting started.

1 It builds and nurtures relationships

Each time a future guests, past guest and those not yet booked with you read one of your newsletters they are getting to know you better.  And by your newsletter popping into their inbox once a month, they don’t get the chance to forget about you.

Get them wanting to open it each month with a snappy title. And make sure it’s full of valuable, interesting information about your area and you.  Include subscriber only offers too.

2  It generates traffic to your website

Your newsletters are another way for you to get more eyes to your website; to a particular page or piece of content.

If you write a blog for example don’t share all of it in your newsletter. Add a read more button to take readers to your website. Once they’re there hopefully they’ll have a good click around and again it’s a reminder of who you are and what you offer.

3 You’re not just relying on social media

In other words, all your eggs aren’t in one basket.  If you’re focussing soley on social media as a way to drive more bookings, then you’re relying on Mr Facebook or Miss Twitter to deliver for you.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of the power of social media for independent owners but what harm does it do having another string on your bow?

Plus you own that email list; it’s yours.   Whereas Facebook controls your Facebook fanbase. It decides who sees your posts and how often.  Unlike your email list, where everyone on it will receive that communication from you.

Using your email list is a consistent way of keeping in touch with your contacts.

So how do you collect those email addresses and grow your email list?

From future guests  – add a clause to your Terms and Conditions (which guests have to agree to before booking) that you will add their email address to your mailing list.  Of course ensure them that this will not be passed to anyone else and they can opt out of receiving your email list communications at any time.

From past guests – who haven’t given you permission to add them to your email list, contact them to say that from next month you’re going to be sending out monthly e-newsletters, that you hope that’s OK and they’ll find the content of interest.  Assure them you won’t be spamming them and that their email address won’t be passed to anyone else.

From newbies – It’s important to have a system to capture email address from those who come to your website or see you on social media. These people are interested in your holiday home and your area but haven’t yet booked. So offer them an incentive, to sign up to your email list.

Write a free guide/checklist/top 10 list to add to your website and promote across your social media. This guide/checklist/top 10 is downloaded for free in exchange for an email address.   Another incentive might be that you offer subscriber only details, so sign up here so you don’t miss out. These offers don’t have to be money-off they could be early check in, or late check out, or an extra large welcome hamper on arrival.

If you haven’t started building an email list, do it NOW!

Do you already have an email list but your e-newsletters are a bit hit and miss? Then grab this class:

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